Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend update.

I had a great time visiting at the Open house that Ann had at Knowledge and Needles!
It was fantastic, She had great things set up for sale from the Nashville convention . Lots of new designs.
I picked up some wonderful fabric and threads. A couple of little charts and will look again when I go back on Thursday to stitch!

It was great to see Dani and Christin.
And thanks Ann for a nice lunch!
I'm so happy you had a good weekend!

Today I had my Mom here for the day [our usual Sunday] But she and My DH watched the Curling so I got lots of stitching done. They are enjoying the Briar and There is no way I have any control of the TV while that is on!
I don't really mind!

I hope you all " stitch with happy fingers! "


Kathy A. said...

Beatrice your White Christmas is looking so lovely. And your HAED - very nice progress. Glad you had fun at Ann's I am homesick for you all.

Kim B said...

Your projects are beautiful!

Suzanne said...

Both of your WIPs are looking great. I can't believ how small the HAED piece is but so many stitches. You are a very brave lady!

Vonna said...

Oh look at all your pretty, pretty WIP..your HAED..WOW!
Sounds like you a had a great weekend!

Brigitte said...

Two wonderful WIPs. White Christmas is coming along great.
Will you be showing pictures of your purchases so that we can be drooling over them? Lol.

Sonda in OR said...

Your WIPs are wonderful. I need to get my big WIPs out and put some stitches in. That HAED is going to be so lovely when done.

Ranae said...

WC is looking beautiful and the HAED is coming along great. Keep up the great work
Is your mom currently stitching anything?

Cindy F. said...

Pretty progress on both! That's so cool you were able to attend Ann's fun day!
Curling...I just learned about it at the sit & stitch I went to. She brought her laptop so she wouldn't miss the tournament that was on!

Mary Ann said...

Pretty stitching with very nice progress on them.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful view. Wow. Your stitching is so pretty. It will be exciting to see the finish.

Wendy said...

Wow Beatrice, your HAED looks great already! You do have some nice progresses! Love the Mirabilia one too! I'm addicted to cross stitching to and I'm currently working on different projects too.

stitcherw said...

Nice progress. Ice King Dragon is looking so pretty with all the blues. Glad you had a good time at the open house, it would have been such fun to see all the new goodies on display.

Maren said...

White Christmas is looking absolutely beautiful! You've got some lovely WIPs going. I can't wait to see more of your HAED. I keep thinking about starting mine, but my oh my, so many stitches!