Thursday, August 30, 2007

Red and Green

Well the Red Background certainly does make the green dmc 907 and green krenick look like gold...It is very bright green though ! It looks more Green in real life! As you can see I'm moving along nicely. ISTMAS can be seen. And the R on the other side.
Today was our Thursday stitching group get together at Knowledge and Needles. we had a good turn out. [14].
We are working on a SAL the tea pot from one of the Gold Magazine. There are two pots, mine is the Sunflower one.
This weekend will be a busy one for me. We have family coming for the long weekend so not much stitching for me. I will try to look in at your posts. I have to work Friday and Saturday. So...For sure after the weekend.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SAL progress

Monday was Tour des Marques SAL day and I stitched on it for a few hours. This a slow progress because of all the confetti stitches.
I can see some progress though.

At the retreat last week I picked up a UFO that has been in my Bag for months. I finished it there.
The chart is from a website that Dani sent me and I fell in love with all the charts available. It is called Tantes Zolder or my Aunts attic . It is a very charming site. This piece has room on the top and bottom to add 2 more of the same style design also with variated threads by DMC but different colors.
Then I will make it into a banner. [I think]

I know I will do more of these.
Have a great day.!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Saturday I was able to do some work on the Castle and I also worked on it Sunday afternoon.

Then last night I worked on the M designs Christmas Tree.
It seems to be going quite well on 20ct. I do like the red fabric. I got it when I bought the chart at
Knowledge and Needles.

She is offering the fabric with it.

Our Thursday stitching group is doing a SAL.
Tea pots from the Gold Magazine.
There is a blue one and a yellow one. I'm doing the yellow.
I do love sunflowers.

Stitch with happy fingers !!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I had to work today so I wasn't able to do much stitching. So not a lot of progress to show you. I'm working on the Christmas tree. I will show you some progress within the next few days.

I thought you might like to see these pictures of the front of our house that I took in the spring
The back of the house is where you see the Bay.
The gardens have suffered because of the dry weather. We are on a well so I don't water too much. We don't have access to the bay water, just the view.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and Stitch with happy Fingers.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Started a New Piece

My friend Kathy was here this evening and we both managed to get some stitching done. I started this new piece yesterday and it is coming along quite nicely. It's stitched over one but on 20 ct. So it is not too hard. One threat of 907DMC and one blending filament [green]. I like the look of sparkles. I'm not sure if I will put beads. I'll see when its done.
Oh yes...I'm back on The Tour des Marques. Oh boy do I have a long way to go on that. I saw one of the ladies at the retreat was half way done, it's wonderful Beth.
Have a great day everyone and stitch with happy fingers!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some more Retreat photos

As promised here are a few more photos from the retreat. There is quite a number of people who have photos on other blogs as well .
Check out Christin sitting with Angie and my Mom Adriana...Do you think Christin looks like she is in deep concentration. Yup...
The Guardian is almost finished.
Christin has photos as well.
The banners were stitched by some of the girls at last years retreat and some this year. Such enabeling.

Rebecca and Christianne are two of the ladies that came for the first time. I think they are hooked because they are coming to the fall retreat at a local Bed and Breakfast.
They were quite comfortable on Ann's front porch.

What a great time we had!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Awesome Gifts

On Saturday we went to the 8th annual retreat at Knowledge and Needles our LNS. Ann has been inviting a few of her customers to this retreat on a yearly basis and this was my 4th year.
We have a wonderful time and, stitch and be merry.

THANK YOU ANN for your hospitality.

My next Thank you goes to Christin and Dani.Who surprised me with lovely gifts.
Dani stitched this piece in 2005, It is the 6mos Mystery by Chatelaine called The Medievil Garden. When I saw it a few weeks ago I fell in love with it. I guess I gushed a lot, exclaiming the beauty of it. Unbeknownst to me she framed it [herself] and presented it to me at the retreat. WOW... she made me cry.
Christin assisted her in this little caper by providing the molding and She also gave me a chart I love and a beautiful Scissor Fob she made for me. The little elephant is special because I collect Elephants....Again these girls made me very Happy.

Of Course I also bought two charts to add to my stash. Yipee!!!

I wanted to share these photos with you. We had a ball. To see some more pictures go to Wendy's blog it was so much fun meeting some new people and catching up with people we met over the last few years.
I have more Retreat pictures that I will post as the days go by

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another finish

Well as promised here is the baby gift finished.

I was hoping to get this done before Tyson 's Grandma gives him his first hair cut. I kept putting it off because he really doesn't have a lot of hair yet.
The piece of hair gets tied in the little bow as a keepsake.
It was a pleasure to stitch...a little fussy but nice results.
I have a few other UFO's that I need to look at. I'm not sure which one of many I will tackle.
Of course I could always start a new project...LOL.
Hope you all have a nice day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Mother's 91st Birthday

Thank you all for the nice Birthday wishes for my Mother. I will definitely pass them on to her.

This is a very little Leisure Arts kit 6'' by 4" .
I purchased this at Knowledge and Needles for a friend of mine , who became a grandmother. So this is for her Grandson.
It has a zillion quarter stitches and mega backstitching.
The Bunny is holding a pair of scissors and you put a lock of hair on it.
The significance is She and I are Barbers yes.... Barbers and have worked together for over 20 years.
I will post it when it is done before I give it to her.
Thanks to Ann of Knowledge and Needles for the lovely picture of my Mother on her Blog.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Here She is in all her splendor.
I'm so pleased I have her finished for the weekend. She won't be framed yet but she will be by Halloween. This was a pleasure to stitch lots of specialty threads and beads. The stars are Swarovski crystals. They really sparkle.
Thanks for your support and comments. It kept me pushing along.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Photo Lesson

Today was a family day. It is my Mother's 91st birthday on Wednesday so we had a family dinner for her today. You may have seen her photo on one of my earlier Blogs. She is an amazing stitcher and has been for 30+ years. I can only hope that I can stitch for another 30 years.
While I was at my brothers house today he gave me a lesson on a photo program that I want to use for my pictures. I can't learn it all in one shot but it helps to have someone guide you in the right direction. He's sooooo good at it.
So needless to say no witch stitching today. . still beading.

By the way I'm terribly afraid of BEES, So I'm very proud of this picture. My Mother was sitting beside me when I took it and can tell you I was only 1 foot away from it. YeeHaw!
I hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm hanging in there!!

My Witch and I are both hanging in there...She on the moon and me with my needle in hand.
The moon is stitched with Weeks moonglow floss. It is wonderful because it's a variated thread that you have to cross each stitch as you go, the results are subtle but you can see the man in the moon. LOL !
I will try to get the rest done over the next few days, we'll see.
I'm on a mission as you can tell.
Thank you everyone for all your kind comments and encouragement.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thank You!!

Yes ...Yesterday was my Birthday. Thought I could just let it slip by, LOL.
My DH and I went out for dinner at a nice casual restaurant ,and coffee at my Brothers. Very quiet.
Thank you for your good wishes.
The witch is getting all my attention right now. I'm sooo close.
Some back stitching on the hand and mouse...The Moon and then beads ..Lots of beads.. They will take a lot of time.
All around the bottom of her dress, scarf ,sleeve, shoes. I love beading so it won't be stressful , just slow.
I have an evening free so tonight I will stitch and stitch.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For My Mom

As a RR our Thursday stitching group decided to do a RR for my Mother.
We chose the alphabet fairies and each did our initial and added our full name to it. Then we left one space for her to add her name. Top left.
I stitched the center and finished it into a pillow.
She is very proud of this and has it on her bed in her Bedroom..
It was a surprise and we had great fun keeping it a secret until it was her turn to stitch on it.
She is always very willing to stitch on a RR but didn't ask to have one done for herself, so....we took it upon ourselves.
We have a wonderful group, actually have 15
members now.

I've been working on my witch so no Tour des Marques this week. I'm going to get it done soon. I will show you another photo soon.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


My brother and his wife were over today for dinner with my mother and informed me that I made a mistake on my profile. I arrived in Canada in 1952 not 1951. What do I know I was 3.!!! Anyway I changed it for all to know. LOL.
I wasn't able to stitch today because of my company but thought I would show you some pictures that were taken at a Stitching get away at a Bed and Breakfast not far from here.
These were taken last fall.
We had so much fun that this fall we will go again and stay 2 nights. We prepare a pot luck supper and they provide a gourmet Breakfast. They actually don't even let us do the dishes after our supper. What a luxury to just keep on stitching.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's SAL night

The time just flew by!
Once again it was the TW castle SAL day. I was able to stitch on Lucky...thats my dragon's name...for 3 hours tonight. That brought the rocks on the 2nd page to almost done. A little back stitching and I can work on the water by the tail.

This piece is so much fun to work on...Mind you lots of blended thread and color changes but that only makes it more interesting.
I started it on Jan 1st 2007. There are a number of people doing it as well.
I wish I could just keep on stitching but one must sleep.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

An Update on the Witch

I've had a couple of busy days with things other than stitching!
As you know I sing in a couple of choirs , Yesterday we performed at a local Band shell for 2 hours in the evening. We perform Jazz and Swing. So we had a good crowd to entertain. It was very hot, but ...near the Bay, so we had a breeze.
When I got home I was just too hot and tired to stitch.

This is the Witch I worked on yesterday and today at the Thursday stitching group . It is my main piece I'd like to get it done for a get together I'm going to in August...Not looking like that will happen. But they will be able to see most of it anyway.

The weather is still in the 30's...Ugh...Thank goodness for AC