Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Needle Wallet

This little needle wallet was stitched on silkweaver fabric that I received from Dani and Christin awhile back. I thought it would look nice finished as a place for my needles. The front is done with Black Berry silk floss, the back with DMC. I finished it this morning so I thought I would share it with you!

The rest of the afternoon I will be stitching on the Witch. It's just too hot to go outside. [30*C] I'm not a hot weather person...the 20 mark is better for me.

Thank you for your comments on my new blog look. I had wanted to share my view with you.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It was a Lucky Day

I had such a nice few days with my stitching friends from out of town.
Mind you...I didn't stitch on Lucky yesterday, so today was the day.
He got lots of backstitching done...it was catch up time with that!!!

I also bought a bit of stash..Well no, I intend on stitching it real soon.
so I won't be stashing it for long!
I have a few finished to do first. Then this is next.
The pattern was purchased at my friends store knowledge and needles
She gave me the 20count red fabric so I am using white rayon DMC
over 1.
Stitch with happy fingers!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

My New Look

My friend Christin and I have been working on my Blog so I can show you my view, and a photo of me.
Thank You for helping me with this Christin.!!
Dani and Christin came for a visit for a few days and I have asked for help with my computer . It seems to be going very well, but bare with me if I make a blunder.
Dani is staying with Ann so she hosted my photo on here laptop.
And emailed me the link Thank you Dani!!
So here goes....
This little teapot was a RR for one of the Ladies in out Thursday stitching group. She has 8 placements all teapots, and finished it into a Tea Tray.
She stitched a border around it with a DMC variated thread and then finished it in an antique tray.
Off to do some more stitching with Christin and watch a movie.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Day Late

YESTERDAY was Tour des Marques day. This is a SAL that I'm doing with a few others.
I can see the add on room on the side.
Kathy and I stitched for a few hours in the morning
then said goodbye for a couple of weeks as she goes off to the cottage.
I will miss her company.

The small photo that I have added was stitched by me
two years ago.
It was a Lanarte chart..my first evenweave.
Now I love working on it. I wasn't sure at first.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wonderful gift !

The end of May I went in for some surgery and while I was in the hospital my friend Christin came to see me and hand delivered a gift of some pieces of hand dyed fabric and specialty threads to go with them. She and Dani decided to share there precious stash with me. Well I was able to find this little pattern from the Gift of Stitching Magazine. and got the front part finished. the back will be done with a DMC to match. The colors are so nice.
I will make it into a pin keep, it is about 3in.s in size.

I wasn't blogging at the time but now that I am.... even though I thanked them personally. I wanted to share this with you.

THANKS girls. I was overwhelmed.!!!

I was also able to stitch on Lucky today. It is always fun to work on him.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Proud Daughter

I would like to share a photo of my Mother that was taken last fall at a get together of stitchers in our area.
My mother has been cross stitching for 30 years and has never pushed me to stitch. I had many other hobbies and shared time with her doing those other things. eg sewing ,knitting, singing ,reading ect. ect.. As a matter of fact she taught my best friend Kathy to stitch 15 years ago. ...Still not interested!
They had fun together and I was the recipient of many lovely pieces.
Three years ago I joined them [guess I was ready] and never looked back. I fell into the stitching cult with both hands..Yes I love it!!!
THANKS MOM for your stitching genes.
The picture she is holding she stitched from a Stoney Creek collection book131 Instrument of Love.
I must add that my Mother[Adriana] will be 91 in August. Yes 91!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The B..Witching moment

A few people have asked about my progress on my little witch.
Well here she is in all her cuteness. Yes her dress is gorgeous her face ..hmmmm.
She will be sitting on a moon with a mouse in her hand.
I purchased this pattern at Ann's after she came back from the convention in Nashville. She had so many to choose from but this was my favorite at the time. She is wonderful to stitch. It calls for weeks dye works threads and lots on tangerine beads [not done yet] and stars in the sky. Krenik around her dress. I've stitched her on storm Laguna 28ct.
I'll go back to her now with the ballgame on.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A little more SAL

I seem to have been able to add quite a bit to the Tour des Marques yesterday. It has a lot of color changes so it is slow pickings. I do like the results.
The golfers is a piece I did for my DH's birthday in 2005. This is designed by Lynne Nicoletti.
I was a new stitcher at the time and thought I could just whip this up like my Mother did her pieces. Boy was I fooled I worked on it for 3m....and I had to do it elsewhere so he wouldn't see it.
He takes quite an interest and always wants to see my work so I had to be sneaky and have another on the go at home.
The colors were easy to work with because green is my favorite.
I will be stitching with some friends tonight on a little witch.
I will show it to you soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Boy I'm having a bit of a time getting things going here, anyway you may have noticed a picture without a post...well you now have a post without a picture. Mind you they go together.
Lucky came to be on Jan 1st 2007 when I joined a SAL of the Castle by TW. he was named after the luck dragon in the movie The never ending story. As you may have noticed he doesn't look like him so that is why I call him Lucky.
This piece is so great to work on. As my first full TW I had to learn about blending and lots if quarter stitches.
I've been doing the back stitching as I go because there is a lot of it.
The blended threads have been put on cards and that has helped me to keep track of them.
I apologize for the mistake but if you bare with me I will get it eventually.LOL.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Round Robin

This little bird was stitch by me for Dani's TW around the world RR. I took it from the TW Egypian Sampler. I was honored to have been able to stitch on it My mother also did a piece after mine. It is sooooo pretty. I look forward to seeing it finished. Thank you all for visiting.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Celtic Banner SAL

Last fall 3 of us decided to do a SAL on the Celtic Banner by Butternut Road. Today the 3 of us got together and finished it. I'm very happy with the results. It was a wonderful piece to stitch on. I worked on it one day a week for 32 weeks. That seems like a long time...but really only 32 days.
Last summer I was at a weekend get together and 4 ladies had stitched it Seeing them there was an inspiration!!! Just had to do it. Thank you ladies for enableing.
I have a few WIP [boy is that an understatement]lol. and I try to rotate them daily. It seems to work for me. If I get close to a finish I will concentrate on it .
I love to stitch and watch baseball on TV, actually I listen to it.
I have lots of pieces to show you . I'll find one for tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tour des Marques

A few weeks ago I started a SAL on the Tour des Marques of the Silver Lining.
This is a very interesting piece that we stitch on on Mondays. The other stitchers are quite a bit ahead of me so I won't be catching up. I am enjoying it I must say. Yeah ...I can see the tower!!
I will try to put up one of my finishes that I will be working on tomorrow. It has to be put together as a banner.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My first Blog

Three years ago I decided to join my mother in the stitching world. This Marejorlyn Bastin was my first piece. It took me 2 years to stitch but I did many in between. It turns out that I have my Mothers Genes alright. She is 90 and still does lots of stitching. I belong to a group that stitch on Thursday at knowledgeandneedles.com and have made many stitching friends. My friend Kathy at kathysitandstitch has been stitching with my mother for years.. I'm so glad that I joined them.
I look forward to keeping you posted on my WIP's and will show you some of the pieces that I have done over the last years.
This has been my first Blog. as time goes on I will tell you a bit more about myself