Monday, May 31, 2010

Pretty gifts

This week I was the recipient of gifts from 2 wonderful friends.
These lovely towels came all the way from Holland.
Carolien added some of my favorite treat that is called you add it to warm milk.Yummm.
I can't always get it here in Canada.
She added a lovley set of towels for my Mom and Some dark Dutch Chocolate. We are so spoiled .
Thank you so much Dear lady!!!!

 And here I have a gift from Fran...She made these beautiful pillow cases and used her amazing talent with her embriodery machine and added these pretty violets. The colours are the colour of my bedroom so I'm trilled with them.
Thank You so much Fran.What a special thing to do for me my friend.

                                           On Thursday  our church choir sang for the confirmation of 46 young people  and 6 adults It was a lovely ceremony with the Arch Bishop and a church full of family and friends..I only know the folks through the church, No family...but it was moving.

Last but not least I have been stitching on a UFO..I found it in the bottom of my bag and am planning to finish it. It is so pretty...I did start a new piece but not much on it post I'll show it to you.

                                                   Ink Circles...Cirque de Cirque

Stitch with happy fingers!!
See you soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mira RR

Kathy had a spot available on her RR so I volunteered to add contribution is The Lady Of the Flag.
I love her face....not often they have their eyes open, she  does look lovely.

Also a few folks had asked me about the little wonky lighthouse I stitched for Kathy...It was from the Cross Stitch Crazy mag..Sept 2007/issue102
There are 3 little houses.
If you can't find a copy of this let me know and I will  send you a copy of the chart just contact me.

I've been doing a bit more sorting and things are looking good here. I'm getting used to the apartment now.
Stitch with happy fingers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I love my new clock.

It's the funniest thing what makes a person I love my new clock I found in a second hand store.It suits my purpose. I have my little Delft's Blue knic knac's on it.and it fits into the
living room perfectly!
On Wednesday Barb (no blog) came over to show me how to finish this tea cozy. I did the sewing and she guided me through.
This is soooo cute.
My Mom stitched the Blue and I stitched the Yellow so now my two sided tea cozy is finally finished, It is small because I don't have a lot of room . It fits a one cup pot but it is about the stitching I would never use it, I'd be afraid of the tea stains.
I'm of to sing today ..practice for a performance at a 100th birthday party on Sunday.
Take care,
Stitch with happy fingers.!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Commenter is working???

Well it's interesting..but this blogger is now letting me comment. Hopefully it's back on track. I have been so busy but things are looking good now in my new apartment.
My BFF Kathy has helped me hang things and i like how it looks. I'm fairly comfortable and getting used to living alone again. after 12 years it's different but fine!I'm back to stitching and have 2 finishes!

China Blue

And this cute little wonky lighthouse for Kathy.

See you all again soon .
Stitch with happy fingers.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A little finish

There haven't been to many of these lately but today I have a finish on Kathy's  hearts RR.
Isn't it pretty?

It needs a few more hearts and it will be done!!!
I really haven't been able to stitch much but this was just what I needed to get my MOJO back. BBF is back in town and I know she will get me back on track.LOL.
I still need to shuffle things around in the new apartment but it's coming. I took a rest tonight and stitched the rest of the heart and I feel good!
Thank you all for your support and all of your kind words.
Take care and stitch with happy fingers!