Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 Down....

Well I have 5 pages done ..1 to go..

I really have the push on to get this finished now.

Cirques  des Cercles ..by Tracy Horner of Ink Circles

Look at these yummy colours.

I picked them up at Ann's store Knowledge and Needles this week .
they are Carrie Creations....there were so many to chose from. I randomly picked. Oh my they are sooooo pretty.
Well back to my stitching on CdC it can feel the end coming!
Have a good day and stitch with happy fingers!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Updates

Well 2 posts in a week...don't get too used to it...LOL! The weather is changing and I'm settling in..so I hope to post more often.
Here is an update on my WIP's...this a monthly chart of Inky Dinky Blackwork by Sandra Dering

this JBW is being done on a lovely 55ct...yes 55 ct linen from France.
My friend Clare is always setting me up with a smaller count..this is  soooo small but stunning. Hold a dime in your hand and picture it! Dani took the picture at the GTG.

Dani and Christin gave me this pretty little pair of Dovo Scissors for my BDay.  they are so luxurious..and to finish it off Kathy gave me the hand made fob with a lighthouse for stitching on the RR.
Thanks ladies!

Bonnie gifted me with these retractable sharpies highlighters..they are so great Thanks Bonnie!

Dani put her touch on My MIRA RR.(left bottom) oh it is stunning...lots of bling.My favorite!Love it Dani.

CdeC I'm on a mission to finish it.
Well folks have a good day and stitch with happy fingers!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Great weekend

There was an open house at Ann's of Knowledge and Needleshttp://www.knowledgeandneedles.blogspot.com/ this weekend and 45 stitchers showed up...It was amazing..Be prepared for a photo intensive blog...
This is a small portion of the Nantucket Sampler that I worked on.
The rest of the photo's are some of the ladies and some of the works on display!

It was so much fun to meet up with the stitchers we knew and also to meet some ladies we hadn't met before!!!!