Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As you have all seen on my header of my blog I do have a great view and every now and then it gets more spectacular.... and last week ...quite late in the evening this is what we saw. I don't always take photos of the sunsets because they are always pretty, but this one stood out and I thought I would share it with you!
Now... on with my stitching. I have a lot done on Bling. She is my main focus right now because I want to get her done before I start my next SAL.
She has her border completed and the body is almost done. Yes she needs a tail and a treasure chest. But it's coming. Then there is still lots of back stitching. I'm pleased with the results.
Next I'm on the FAITH part of the Lizzie Kate Christmas spirit'"flip it's". It's a nice stitch and the colours are Awesome. This is fun to do when you need to concentrate on the TV with all the shows coming back on for the fall season.
I'm off to read and comment on some blogs. I seem to have been caught up in my stitching and staying off the computer a bit. I need those 2 hours to stitch as well. I'm feeling like I'm getting caught up and that feels soooo good.
Stitch with happy fingers all and take care.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Surprise is right...look what I found...

How many of you remember when I was working on this teapot last year.

For some reason...[maybe a new start ,... heh hem] I put it in the bottom of my bag and it became a UFO.
I was cleaning out some things the other day and found it. I put everything aside and decided to finish it so I can put it with the one[ it's blue a bit different] my Mom stitched and I will make it into a tea cozy with hers as well. when that is done I will share it with you!

Now I must apologize, because of this I haven't been on the computer much. It really cuts into the stitching time. So I will be catching up with all the blogs I've missed over the last week.
I do read them on the Google reader but I haven't been commenting so bare with me ,.I will now.

I also had this little one on the go so it got done too. 2 1/2 in.X 3in

I'll be making it into a pinkeep soon!

Have a good week and stitch with happy fingers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A bit of Bling!

I fell like I have left Bling in the back porch for a while. So I asked her to forgive me and what does she do???? Yup she made me do a bit of frogging just to get even. I'm not sure the mistake was made the last time I stitched on her. But we are even now. I won't leave her that long again.
The JD Album of stitches is sooooo much fun to do and pretty tricky as well. It does take a bit of concentration but look at the results...I LOVE IT!
This photo is a bit fuzzy because I wanted to get up close so you can see the sparkels in row 2.
There is NO cross stitch in this this is the Mosiac stitch ...hmmmm different but pretty.
Ann and I are working on the black 32ct... the rest of the ladies are working on neutral shades and some on a larger count!
They are all beautiful. Ann will be posting there progresses on her blog as we meet every 2 weeks to enable each other.

I hope you all have a good week and take care. Thank you for your lovely comments.
Stitch with happy fingers...see you soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two things.

Isn't this the prettiest chart. It came in the mail yesterday from Teejay . She drew my name from her blog comments and sent me this. It is the chart called Flutterbys by Workbasket, and a lovely card.
I really enjoy her blog and beautiful stitching.

I will enjoy this one for sure. I see sparkly fabric and thread in the near future.

I finished another ornament, This is by Heart in Hand the Halloween sampler. This was so much fun to stitch. The ghost doesn't show up too well in the picture but he really is there. [Oh yes he is a ghost right ] therefore we can only slightly see him.

I'm off to stitch on the JD album of stitches at Ann's this afternoon. I'll show a picture of that one again soon!

Have a great day and stitch with happy fingers.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where did it go....

This week just flew by. I actually thought I hadn't accomplish much but I guess I did.....
I finished the Ornament from the Just cross stitch Christmas preview mag. I need to make it into an ornament yet ...soon.

Next I put some stitches in the Nordic Angel. As you can see here her dress is finished, now it's the apron. Yikes!!! lots of white and gray.

Jeanette Douglas has put out a chart for an Album of Stitches...I decided to do this on black Lugana...yup BLACK...I know I'm nuts but boy will it be pretty.
I started it this Saturday. Oops sorry Bling I left you behind for a week. I promise I'll get back to her.

The picture is of page 1 and it has 8 pages and a front cover and a back cover. The picture I took of mine is a little gray. But believe me it's BLACK.

The first page is done with the Mosaic stitch.
Pretty small on 32ct but it is so pretty.
All the pages will be a different colour.this one is pale green and blue!

Ann and I spent an afternoon at her store and put all the colours together for 10 of us to start page one. Yes you heard me right there are ten of us that bought the charts and are going to learn how to make all these wonderful stitches. We will get together once a week. Maybe even some of you will be encouraged to join us. she has a few chartsleft and can order more!!!!!

Well I had better get caught up on my blogging .I seem to have gotten away from it. Sometimes I just want to STITCH.
Also the singing starts tonight.

So two nights a week are taken up with singing..how did I ever find time to work.
Stitch with happy fingers!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lovely Days....

It was a lovely weekend and a great time spent with wonderful stitching friends.
THANK YOU Kathy for hosting a good Party.
Yes it was a party...food..yummmmmm.... laughter and good company.
As you can see the view is stunning and the weather was perfect!
Have a look at Dani's blog she will be posting pictures as well...you can see she had the camera around her neck most of the weekend.
We went to Ann's for a visit to the shop on Saturday afternoon. I was at Kathy's most of the time and took my Mom on Sunday. I know she enjoyed it too!

Beatrice and Angie
I did do some stitching on this little ornament from the just cross stitch ornament preview issue!
I'm going to add a few beads to sparkle it up I think. It still needs a bit of work.
Have a good week and stitch with happy fingers.