Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homeward Bound

I've been having a wonderful trip and I'm so sorry I didn't blog more...I  have only had a bit of time in the evenings to post so I have been useing facebook to put up my pictures.
We are heading home tomorrow and it should take 6-7 days depending on the weather. We are giving it lots of time.

Shopping makes me tired.

How will we get it all home

A stitched piece in The oldest Yarn Shop still running in the USA




Yesterday We shopped.... Such fun.
As you can see I had a good time. They had a bit of everything..The fabric was from a store next door.
When I get home after 6 weeks on the road I'll get back to stitching and blogging.
I miss you all.
Stitch with happy fingers!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bagatelle in Albeqerque

Palo Dufro the second largest Canyon in USA
Those were taken driving to Albuquerqe.--------
then touring in the city!
I also posted more on Facebook.

They wouldn't let us take many photo's here ..but it Was an wonderful exibit!
 paintings on the wall outsde
We drove throught the city and it's many many painted walls  I particularliy loved the sun flower.

I stitched in the van yesterday because I had withdrawal...but it was hard because I was enjoying the scenery onroute to Albequerque NM. So no Baggy to show I just did border.
We had some amazing views.
I hope you enjoy my journey with me!
Stitch with happy fingers.