Thursday, May 28, 2009

All about Mom

This is about my Mom Adriana.

Some of you have met her or have seen some photo's of her on my Blog.
She is an inspiration and I'm so blessed to have her so close to me . I see her often and we stitch together at least twice a week.
The best part she is 92. (93 in Aug). She had eye surgery in Dec. and Jan. and now once again can see very very well. She had Cataracts removed. She stitched right up to the day of the surgery and very soon after. We got her a pair of cheaters. to tie her over.

This is what she has stitched since then. She received this kit from my SIL and couldn't wait to start. I think it was late Jan.

This is.... A Gold Collection Dementions Kit. " Holiday Village" by Nicky Boehme,
the fabric is 16ct Aida , the finished piece is 12" X 16"

She finished it today.

Isn't it just the most beautiful piece?
I'll be taking it in next week to have it framed for her.
She'll help pick out the frame I'm sure.

I needed to share this with you because I love her .

Stitch with happy fingers.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I had fun...

But I worked hard to help Ann put this room together at the St. Lawrence College in Kingston for the National Guild.
We moved everything in her shop to set up a boutique for a week.

It looks great . We have 1/2 a classroom.
Lots of charts in baskets all kinds of floss and threads
Ready to go.....Ann
All done!!! yeah I must say Ann's DH was a big help he did a lot of lugging for us!

I stitched on Pl at Dani's this weekend past. We had a blast on Saturday. Thanks for your hospitality Dani!
This big honkin' motif took a long time.
A bit more filling in on page one of my HAED. Just a little left on the bottom. This is so much fun to stitch...slow but fun.

Well this was just to drop in to say hello. I've not been doing much blogging...sorry.. too much to do.

I hope this finds all of you well and stitching with happy fingers!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Start and Finish

I started and finished a little RR for Kathy A. She needed a fill-in so I loved doing this.
I sort of created it myself to get it to fit in the spot. [A little mix and match]
I'm happy with how it turned out. I hope she likes it too!
Here is the piece so far!

Another start and finish...I have a friend that collects I went on a hunt and found this little guy. She also loves orange and I had the perfect piece of evenweave I picked up at Ann's.
Don't you love stash?

It was her Birthday so I added some writing on the back.

Now this is NOT a finish YET!!
But she is getting lots of attention. Nordic Angel!
The apron is half done and she still requires beads and krenic and backstitching in a lot of places.

Stitch with Happy Fingers.
I hope the spring is treating you well....we have lots of buds and flowers popping up!