Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well this is a fun page .The colours are wonderful. mostly DMC shades of cream and Grey.
The main colour is Water lilies Prairie-Fire...oh it is so gorgeous IRL
It's pretty hard to take a good picture but you get the idea. The main stitch is called Scotch- Switch.
I like the pinwheels. I used 2 different colours on each one.
The page also has some sparlies and beads to add pazazz!

I have the next page to work on and I think it will be purple and mauve.

White christmas is fun to work on too. She had some attention this weekend so it's coming along. I did have to frog her neck because I was out by one stitch. I'm almost back to where i was. The needle marks the spot. So I'm close!
See you all soon and stitch with happy fingers.
We are in another snow storm so We'll huncker down and thats too bad isn't it ? LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Award

Terry has sent me this lovely Award. The rule is I must tell about 5 of my addictions,

And then send it off to 5 bloggers that deserve this award. I must let them know on their blog about this award for them.

That is too tough I can't just pick 5 ....can I? We'll see.

Hmmmm my addictions... let me see!

1- I love to stitch I'm addicted to starting projects.
2- I love to sing, I'm in 2 choirs and practice 3times a week
3- I read a lot.
4- Ice Cream...for sure.
5- Television

I knew it would be hard...


You girls can consider yourselves tagged and awarded. ..Pass it on if you like!

I stitched this with the Carrie Creations floss that Christin gave me called Jelly fish.
Just wanted ti try it out. I really like the colour. Don't know what I'll do with it yet. Maybe a tin topper.???
Stitch with Happy Fingers.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Do you remember my SAL last year? Well I started it on a linen that I didn't enjoy working on Soooo.... I stopped and Dani found me a wonderful piece of Lugana that worked much better.

I mentioned it to the ladies at my Thursday stitching group and told them I was going to make the small section into a Bookmark. I thought that was a good Idea. of the ladies called me at 8 am the next day and said she didn't sleep all night thinking about me cutting up my fabric, Oh dear I felt so bad.
She asked me not to cut it and to bring it to her. She was going to do something with it for me.
She has a sewing machine that does amazing designs and yes this is one of them.
After Christmas she told me she had a Christmas card for me and this was it.
She made this cushion for me and I LOVE it!!!!
She even added some hand sewn beads and some embellishment in the bow.
You are an amazing lady Marie-Paule...Thank you so much.

I'm sorry to say she does not have a blog but she has a wonderful ability to make things beautiful.
Moonlight Guardian has since then been finished and is at the framer getting a nice frame.

Off to stitch on my Mirabilia now,
Stitch with happy fingers

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Eye spy with my little eye...

Some thing that is BLUE !!

Here it is my start on the HAED. I promised myself I would start it in Jan 2009 and I did yeah!! about 600 stitches.
This 25 count White Lugana is really wonderful to work with. And I love how it is working up.
.12 of page 1 out of 46 pages lol!

Stitch with happy fingers and stay warm if you are in a this deep freeze... if not have a cool drink for me!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not much to show.

This is a new Ink Circles chart I bought...Just stash for now!

Not much to show...This has been a crazy week for me ...not any particular reason just putting things away after the holidays and It seems I've been a bit unorganized around here.
I did manage to put a few stitches in the PL. I moved down to the left corner.
Saturday I stitched on the Mira. She has a bit of an arm...yup that's an!

I bought a few new things last week. A new mouse...much faster and a Web Cam to use with Skype.

I'm back to singing 3 times a week so that also takes up some of my time. Tonight is one of those nights.
I'll post my Mira on the SAL blog before I go out!

Take care and stitch with happy fingers.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another SAL......

The last 3 years I have been doing a SAL.with a group of stitchers online. We pick one day a week that works for ourselves pressure
We set the date to start Jan first and here is the start of mine. I couldn't do too much because I had company New Years Day but it's a start...yippee [I love new Starts]
The first year I did the TW Castle
The seconds year...was the Moonlight Guardian by Dragon Dreams
This year it's White Christmas by Mirabilia
We are posting on the SAL blog

That is all the stitching I could do these last few days because I was called in to work 9 hrs at the shop I retired from last spring. They have some health issues so...I helped out for the day. It was fun but I'm glad that I didn't have to go in today....I'm tired... lol!

I have also [and my Mom] been wrapping thread onto bobbins for my HAED.
There are 90 colours and at least half of those require 2 or 3 skeins, the chart has 50 pages.
19" X 24" is the finished design.
p/s..... over 1 on 25ct Lugana.

Yup it's a biggie. I figure 10 years!

I don't have all of the thread yet....So...I can't start it yet, but it's fun to get it ready.

Have a good weekend and stitch with happy fingers!