Thursday, October 28, 2010

I feel honored!
If you go to this link Tracy Horner has posted my CdC on her blog
I'm just thrilled.
Thank you Tracy!!

I've been working on this JBW on 55ct linen over2 and silk thread from France(thanks to Clare)sorry no blog.

OH my it's sooo tiny look at the needle it's the smallest piecemaker! 28

 This sampler is almost finished. I'm enjoying it.
I loved it when I was in a small stitching store in Plymouth Mas. and now  I'm still reminded of my great holiday to Cape Cod, while I stitch it.
It's a little bigger...yup 28 count..I'm not completely crazy..55 cnt is not something I work on every day...LOL!

I hope you all have a good night and stitch with happy fingers.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I have been stitching!

 First of all I went out for lunch and dressed for an early Halloween party.. this is not really the Phantom...It's ME!!! !lol! ( second prize)

 I'm enjoying this little stitch..a gazillion 1/4 stitches but the results are wonderful!
"Nantucket Sampler" Medeiros needlecraft Designs. on evenweave.

 This  is Ink Circles ..Cirques des Carreaux on black evenweave 32cnt. using Carrie's creations " Jelly Fish" is so much brighter in RL ..I'll have to try to get a daytime photo.

This a little SAL by Sanman.Inky Dinky Blackwork.Such fun!
So there you have it..I have a few other UFO's that have been put away for now.
You know how that goes!

Have a great day and Stitch with happy fingers

Monday, October 18, 2010

Well.. here I am !

I haven't been on the blogs for 2 months...I've been stitching and keeping very busy with my new way of life and getting  used to living's working out quite well for me.
My friends are keeping me busy and that's a good thing.

Now I must tell you.... Ann of Knowledge and Needles put together a day for my Mom to showcase her stitching and boy oh boy was it nice!! We had a GREAT turn out and I would suggest you have a look at her blog so you can see all of the beautiful work Mom has done over the years.
I was pretty busy for the days before gathering all I could get my hands on..And today I picked up almost all of the rest of it to return. I'll get the remainder on stitching day Thursday!

                         I took a few pics before the croud came but Ann's are much better.
 Mom turned 94 in August and still stitches every day..when she isn't playing cards or reading . She lives in a retirement home and keeps very busy!
 Ann was the hostess for the day and she and Mom are very close! She is a wonderful friend to both of us!
            Rebecca had a stitching weekend and took time out to come and see Mom.
                       Some ladies Mom plays cards with!
         HENRY   the youngest of the Great Grand children
I think the pics tell it all. All in all it was a VERY GOOD DAY .
Thank you Ann and Dan for opening your home to soooo many people!

To all of you out there that have sent greetings to Mom and those of you that took time out  to visit with her and see her works of art..WE THANK YOU!
PLEASE have a look at Anns blog!
Stitch with happy fingers!
I will see you again soon!