Friday, August 29, 2008

The Mail-Man cometh

I received the nicest gift in the mail today. This is a chart by Heaven in Hand needle art and 4 skeins of GAST threads. The colours are so yummy....

Maple syrup

I'm going to get fat just using them . I love this chart.

Marjorie was at the retreat on the weekend and knows I love Halloween...So she sent this little chart she had stitched up and included the threads she had for it.
That is a very generous gift Marjorie THANK YOU so much!

I also had the time this week to finish my little jungle towel to put in my bathroom. I just put these little guys on it randomly and got a pretty good look.
The charts are from the Sept 2007 Cross Stitch Crazy Mag.

This weekend Kathy A. is hosting a stitching get together and I will be there most of the weekend. I plan on picking my Mom up on Sunday and taking her over for a few hours in the afternoon after church.

I'll be back in the 2 choirs again this year..We start them both in a week for practice!

I hope you all have a great weekend...I know I will.
Stitch with happy fingers....I know I will ..'.cause I'll be stitching with friends.

Monday, August 25, 2008

1 little...2 little....

18 little pumpkins...and 10 half ones too!!!!!

I must say I love pumpkins but this was about 10 too many to stitch. It turned out pretty cute though. This will be made into a flat fold one day in Sept. We will be getting together as a group and each of us will be making a flat fold of our own!

I also finished the first 4 flip it's of Lizzie Kate's Christmas Spirit. The next 4 will be in around the end of the month. This is so much fun to do.
I feel like I have accomplished something by finishing these 2 pieces!

I'm going to work on Bling this week I haven't worked on her for a week or so.

I'm afraid I've been a bit lax with my blogging and will get caught up today. See you all soon and stitch with happy fingers!.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What Fun !!!!

Well I know I can't say this enough...what fun we had.
Thank you so much Ann for once again hosting this great get together!

Dani has posted a wonderful photo of the group! Great shot Dani!

I will show here a few of the photo's I took. We had a big rack of all the ladies finished and WIP's. It was a wonderful way to display all of the beautiful pieces.

Can you see this display of food..Yup it was Awesome. Don't you just love pot luck? This is only one side of the counter the other side was hot foods...I couldn't get near it to take a photo . There was a desert table too!

This is a small group if ladies sitting in the breeze.
I moved around a bit and sat with everyone for awhile. It is so much fun to see ladies that I hadn't met before. And certainly wonderful to see those that we see once a year again! There were 22 ladies in all!

Clare came a long way and didn't know any of us and it was great to meet her. She reads our blogs now we'll get her to comment once in awhile to keep in touch.????? There were also a few local shoppers that came to stitch for a bit as well.
I had a great visit with the out of towner's after supper. The local ladies went home but I hung in there until 11:30 pm. I only live 15 min. away.
I did get a bit of stitching done...hmmm more pumpkins. I won't show it now until it's finished!

Thanks again Ann!
Have a great day and stitch with happy fingers!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christmas in August.

I'm going to work on the flip it's tonight to get it done for the weekend. There is only Cookie and Santa left to do. The 4 new charts will be in at the end of the month.
This is such a pretty piece the colours are stunning. I like the weeks dyed fibers.

Today was a fun day at the Thursday stitching group.
Ann is getting ready for her Stitching get together for Saturday. It should be great, I will take lots of photos. She expects maybe 25 stitchers.

We start around noon and do pot luck and as usual there will be lots of goodies. We eat again around 6. So... Laugh, eat, visit and get a bit of [not to difficult] stitching done. Yippee!

I want to thank you all for the lovely comments you have sent me for the stitcher of the week on Victoria Sampler news letter.
My Mom was pleased that so many folks read it. Also thank you for the Birthday wishes for her.I have been passing them on to her! You have been very kind.

Thank you friends!

Stitch with happy fingers and have a great day

Monday, August 11, 2008

Adriana ....My Mom

Last week I received an E-mail from Thea of Victoria Sampler.
She had heard from Ann of Knowledge and Needles who nominated my Mother as stitcher of the week on Thea's news letter. Thea is the owner of this store and has started to post a weekly stitcher. She has been in touch with me a few times and I shared some photo's with her which she posted.
This is the link for the story about my Mother. Please have a look at this lovely website and blog.

Thea did a nice job of telling this story. Thank you Thea my mother is thrilled.

I have to say thank you to Kathy A. She stopped by today and brought me a Birthday gift.
This is so neat. It is a "needle roll kit " . Isn't that amazing. Here we are talking about this site and low and behold Kathy brings me a gift designed by "The Victoria Sampler." It is the August birthstone and birth flower chart. I love it.
Thank you so much Kathy.

I also want to thank all the well wishers for my Birthday. What a lovely gift to know I have so many on line stitching friends. This has been a great year and I treasure all of you as good friends!!!

This weekend I managed a bit of work on Bling the Moonlight Guardian.
It's coming along. Dani has hers finished and it is gorgeous .

I also started a little piece that will have a jungle theme for my bathroom. The little charts are from a Cross stitch crazy magazine Sept 2007.
I needed a small stitch to work on other than pumpkins....still working on those. lol.

Have a great day and stitch with happy fingers!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh Boy......

The cats out of the bag. Dani you little
Yes I turned 60 yesterday. My Mom and my SIL had a cake waiting for me at the Thursday stitching group at Knowledge and Needles . I look a little stunned in the photo because I was overwhelmed with good wishes.
Thank you was a fun day.

In the evening we went for dinner at our friends house and I had another cake...oh the calories..
This a photo of my DH and I. It looks like 60's not going to be so bad.

I've been working on the PL and here is the results of the last week or so.

Have a good weekend and stitch with happy fingers!

Monday, August 4, 2008

They're here!

Thank You for the lovely comments on the Celtic Cross. It is hanging in the living room right beside the TV so we can always see it.

The Monarch Butterfly has landed and has given me a chance to take this wonderful photo!

I have been doing pumpkins. I'm half way there. It's more fun now that I'm on the finishing side.

And Moonlight guardian ..aka ...Bling has almost got a moon to see by. Boy working with rayon is an Experience I must say. Not sure I want to do so much of it again...but I think the colours are pretty. I ran out of the blue Krenic so it's on order. I can work around it so will plug along.
I'm still just working on it on Saturdays. I may have to put in an extra day soon!

It's a holiday here in Canada for most." Civic Holiday " Now that I'm not working I have an opportunity to say I don't have to do housework and laundry!
Happy Civic Holiday to all my Canadian friends.....And for those of you that have to work ----Have a great day and stitch with happy fingers