Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Sweet Award

Oma sent me this sweet Award and I wanted to share it with The wonderful folks that comment on my Blog.

THANK YOU OMA!!! This is too cute.

She would like me to pick 5 people and pass it on. I love all of my readers and this is so hard to do. I want all of you to be awarded.

But here goes.



This is my Dragon Dreams.. aka "Bling"...framed!

Thank you all for your nice comments on my blog NEW LOOK!
Have a great day and STITCH With HAPPY FINGERS!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A new Look

I've been playing around with my Blog. I felt it needed a new look.

I did a little bit of stitching this week.
Not a lot.

I think I needed a break from every thing this week so didn't stitch for 3 days...That's a lot of time off for me.
I did sing a lot [3 practices] and had a luncheon today.
So this evening I played around with the computer and stitched on the HAED... not much to show there mind you.

My White Christmas is looking pretty good...I can see progress!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Lovely Gift

Last week, Christine of Coffee cup thoughts drew my name and sent me this wonderful calendar as a gift.

It is the cutest. Each month has a chart and little saying to stitch up.

There are some sweet ones!

THANK YOU so much Christine...I LOVE IT!!!!

I did get some stitching done on the weekend . I will show it later this week.

I just needed to share this with you!

Take care and,
Stitch with happy fingers!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Coming along!

I've done a little on the page 3 of the Album of stitches so I know I must work on it over the rest of the week. Page 4 comes out the 1st of Mar. So I would like to have this one done. They give us 2 months for the next page and this time I left it to the end...oops!

This is why.....

Yup its the ICE KING DRAGON ...can't you tell?
I've been working on it...hard to believe how small the stitches are...25ct over 1.
This 1/3 of page 1...only 44&2/3 to go.

This little lady has had most of my attention on the weekend. She is so much fun to do.

Now I must say I have been very selfish and not s[ent so much time on the computer. When I do that I get lots of stitching done. I found I was on too many hours and wasn't getting much else done so I've cut back on that a bit.
So I'm reading many blogs but not always taking the time to comment..SORRRRRY. I'll try and do better.
I'm also practicing 3 times a week for choirs and also working on the music at home. I seem to have less time now then I did when I was working...hmmm maybe I managed my time better then. I seem to put things off so I can stitch. ???? Am I addicted ???? do I need help??? NOT!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I've been stitching

This was a weekend of stitching because we had a lot of snow.
Today I'm trying to get caught up with the blogs too.
I didn't do any on the weekend because my Mom was here and I don't like to spend time on the computer when I can be stitching with her.
I did do quite a bit on the Mirabilia and on the PL.

I don't really have any other news...
Oh yes I do.... I've lots 11 lbs, Which I think is pretty good I only have 4 more to go. Then I'll be happy.
I didn't have a lot to lose but it's coming.

Have a wonderful week and stitch with happy fingers.