Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm spoiled

Kathy made me this terrific cushion...I love it...those of you who know me will understand why she made this for me. LOLOLOL

She also gave me this pretty bracelet from Mexico...Yes I collect elephants. It's silver and soooo shiny.

Dani made me this pretty little scissor fob. Isn't it just the cutest. See the B?

WOW thank you ladies for spoiling me. I love my gifts and love you both so much.

Stitch with happy fingers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A great weekend

It was rather active...First of all our choir had our spring concert and it was lovely. After the concert we had a party called the After Glow..20 year celebration of the choir. I've been with it for 4 seasons.
I had the pleasure of having Dani as a guest..yup she said she liked the singing. She sat with my DH and Mom.
Dani spent the weekend with us and we did lots of stitching.
Saturday we drove over to pick up my Mom and stopped to see Kathy A. in the Afternoon before the Concert...Yeah she's back. I really missed her and her DH. We have been friends for 30 years.
On Sunday we picked up Mom again and Kathy was here for a stitch as well.

Here is some of my progress.

Dani and Christin have been after me to finish my Nordic Angel so I did stitch on her on Sunday.
Friday and Saturday when I could I worked on PL.

Stitch with happy fingers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally back on line.

My computer has been acting up for a month...infections and bugs yikes.

Terry finally was able to get things going properly.

I wasn't able to stay on line long enough to get a photo up-loaded, my emails came in but even that was a problem sometimes. Hit and Miss!

Well now things are up and fast.

Ever notice how much stitching you can get done when there is no computer??

I will show the photo's and you can judge for yourself.

Small ornaments....Gift of Stitching

Nordic Angel ... Barbara Batz

Paradigm Lost...Long dog sampler

White Christmas... Mirabilia

Ice King Dragon... HAED

Now to do some catch up on the blog reader..Wow ..I have been reading some but couldn't comment .
Some were too photo intensive for my poor computer...BUT not any more.
I'm back and I've missed you all.

Please be patient with me so I can get caught up.

Stitch with happy fingers!