Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day

Just a quick note to wish all of my American friends a very good voting day!!!
I hope things go exactly as you want them to. Good luck to all of you.

This photo was taken at a beach in India. the sand sculpture was created by Indian sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik. The beach is Puri beach near Bengal India.

Stitch with happy fingers.


Nancy said...

Thank you, I have voted and I too hope it comes out as I want it to.
Have a great day and thank you for thinking of us on this very important day.

Laura said...

What an interesting photo, Beatrice. I voted early last week, but I'll be watching the returns tonight.

Cindy F. said...

Incredible sand art!
I voted! Will be glued to the t.v. tonight!

Becky K in OK said...

I voted early this morning. No lines for me. I hope my vote counts! Amazing sand art.

Hazel said...

Wow that is some sand art! x

Carolien said...

Hello Beatrice, what a nice picture of the candidates! And the White House seems so small right here ... very funny!
Stitch with happy fingers ('veel borduurplezier' as they say here) & hugs, Carolien