Tuesday, November 11, 2008

About my Mothers stitching

Most of you know that my Mom is a fabulous Stitcher and has been for many years. she just turned 92 this summer and is well and healthy. She had a pacemaker replacement last week and is having Cataract surgery this week, and then again in 3 weeks... one eye at a time. She is strong and excepts this wholeheartedly.
But in the mean time she wanted to finish some of the pieces she has been working on because her eyesight will be impaired for a few weeks.

The Christmas and New year heart was a chart that was given to her and she finished it COMPLETELY herself. I gave her the supplies and she puttered away on it and showed it to me on the weekend.

Sunday was a day of finishing for her.
This little banner is one of the ones I helped her with. She no longer uses a sewing machine so I did the cutting and stitching . It turned out so sweet. These were little charts from a magazine.
The fabric is perfect for this with the pretty little stars on it. The back is finished with the same fabric.

This is also one we put together on sunday.
Yup we were busy but the results are wonderful! This is a chart that she recieved from a friend from a very old magazine. It was torn out of it and there was only the one page so I have no idea who it is by.
I have been stitching as well but you know what ... this is about my Mom !!!
Stitch with happy fingers and have a good day.


Ranae said...

Your mum does beautiful work for her age. I only hope to be stitching that long, or do I? lol well, anyway I will have to with all the stash I have.
You are so wonderful to be helping her put them together.
I do hope she makes a quick recovery and can stitch again soon.

Oma said...

Beautiful work! I think it's fantastic that she can still stitch! I love the bell pulls especially the last one. I love delft blue. My Mom had some delft blue cups and saucers which were very delicate.
I wish your Mom a speedy recovery so she can get back to her stitching soon!

Wendy said...

Your Mum's stitching is incredible, Beatrice! I can see where you got your talent from ;-) Give her my best wishes for her upcoming surgery and I hope her eyes heal very quickly.

Franny said...

Beatrice, your photos are awesome! Your mom does such beautiful work and I wish her all the best in her recovery.

Vonna said...

All beautifully stitched and the one she finished herself is STUNNING! :) The others are too of course, but I love the hearts :)

staci said...

Your mother is soooo talented! Gorgeous finishes! Best wishes for her surgeries :)

Irene said...

WOW those are fantastic !! Hope she has a speedy recovery from her eye surgery.

Wendy said...

I feel a lot of respect for your mother. Her stitching looks great. I hope I'll be able to stitch when I reached her age.

Bye, Wendy (The Netherlands)

Nancy said...

Tell your Mom her work is very beautiful. She will have great eye sight after the surgery, and it is very simple. I had one eye done but I can see 20/20 out of that eye now. She is remarkable.

Becky K in OK said...

Beautiful finishing. I love the blue one!

Cindy F. said...

All are absolutely beautiful!!
Great job mom!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice,

I am always so amazed by your
Mom and by her stitching. She
is phenomenal!! The big heart
with the three little hearts
hanging from it is my own
favourite. She did an
amazing job of stitching it
and finishing it.

Please pass on my best wishes
to her for a speedy and
complete recovery from all of
her medical procedures.

And belated but heartfelt
congratulations on finishing
Bling!! She looks fantastic!!
What a great addition to your
stitching finishes she is.

The first page of album of
stitches is also a beautiful
finish. Even in the photo I
can see all the sparkle and
glitter from beads and threads.

That chart that Tracey sent to
you is a pretty one, with lots
of lovely colour. I loved her
finish of it. A nice reminder
of Spring as you stitch it in


Stitchingranny said...

Firstly I adore the hearts. I have never seen a piece like this before and it is absolutely stunning.

The 2nd one is a real cute finish and the 3rd is another stunner but then Im a sucker for willow pattern things - they have such a lovely fresh look about them.

Is it possible to tell who the heart chart was by Beatrice as I would quite like to buy that one. Or maybe your mum would like to trade with something I have.

I wish my mum would go back to her stitching but she seems to have lost interest always having some job in the house that is far more important. Mum recovered very quickly from her 2nd eye op (just a couple of days) and she was fine within about a week of the first one. Just have to take things steady for a couple of weeks though, but I am sure she will be fine.

Keep us updated Beatrice.

AnnMcD said...

I had a little visit with your Mom yesterday when I was in town. She was in the lounge though, not in her room so I did not get to see the finished products and she of course, is too modest to brag about them...I'll be sure to see them the next time I stop in. I also told her that she was still expected to come to stitching on Thursdays even if her eyes are still recovering from the surgery...just to visit.

Suzanne said...

Your mum's work is beautiful. Hope she has a speedy recovery so she can get right back to that stitching.

Cathy said...

Wow. Your Mom does beautiful work. I especially like the blue piece.

Carolien said...

These finishes are gorgeous! I hope your mother will recover soon from all her operations. Please greet her from me ... Van harte beterschap!

Hugs, Carolien