Monday, November 17, 2008


Just a heartfelt Thank You to Christin for sending these treasures with Dani to our weekend retreat. Christin wasn't able to come so she sent these along.
On Jan 1 2009 a number of us will be stitching a SAL on a Mirabilia of our own choice I chose to do White Christmas, She requires a number of treasures and Christin decided I should have them.

The weekend was great and I will post some photo's on my next post.
Thank you Ann for hosting such a lovely weekend and Thank you Dan for the best lunch!!
You did a wonderful job.
Stitch with happy fingers.


Becky K in OK said...

Ooh, I know she'll be beautiful with all the treasures. So glad you had a great stitching weekend.

Redwitch said...

Aren't stitching pals the greatest?

She'll look fab with all the sparklies :)

Nancy said...

I received one of those designs as a gift and boy it is intimidating.
I am too new at stitching to attempt it yet. Yours is a beauty.
Have fun with it.

Heidi said...

That will be so pretty when you have it done. And you stitch these large designs so fast which makes me envious. :) I have never done a Mirabilia but have two L&L and one Butternut Road in my WIP stack. I need motivation to get back to the Butternut Road as it is also a Christmas design. Can you send me some motivation?

Hugs en groetjes ~

Cindy F. said...

Ahhh,, what a nice friend:) Can't wait to see her complete with sparklies!
Hoe your weekend was fun!

Laura said...

I am glad you had a great stitching weekend. I'll look forward to seeing some WIP pics next year of this new project.

Wendy said...

What a sweet gift from Christin! Looking forwards to some retreat pics :-D

Annemarie said...

Aww, what a lovely gift, and what an amazing project to look forward to!

Oma said...

Oh wow! That is a very nice gift Christen gave you.

I've got something for you too Beatrice! Go check it out on my blog.