Friday, February 1, 2008

Winter Storm Watch!!!

Well I just thought I would share my trip to work today. We live on a piece of land that is like an Island I have to cross 2 bridges to get there.. The first bridge is temporary because the swing bridge is being repaired... that is a good thing but in the mean time we have a single lane bridge with a stop light. The other bridge goes over the Trent Severn waterway. [Trent river]
The first photo is coming out of our drive way. The country is not fun in the winter. Not plowed at this time [8.30am]
No I wasn't driving as I took these I was at a stop each time. LOL!!!
I was happy to get home. As a matter of fact we closed at 5 instead of 7 so we could go home in the day light.

Here is my PL that I stitched on this week. I did a little on the other projects but not enough to show at this time.
Have a good weekend all and stitch with happy fingers.


AnnMcD said...


Dan was so upset when he saw the snow you had to drive through and that we are missing, he dropped a couple of more ice cubes in his drink so he could suffer along with you.

Anonymous said...

Even though you still have a lot to do on PL still, what you have stitched there is already quite a lot of stitching, it looks just wonderful.

Wendy said...

Your pictures look very much like what we had also. I was so glad that my hubby decided to call a snow day and stay shovel snow!

Nancy said...

It looks beautiful but I know it is not fun to drive in it. Glad you had some stitching time.

Lynn said...

Glad you made it safely to work and that they let you go early. It's better when you can get home before dark. I chickened out and took a vacation day. Just didn't feel like dealing with it again!

tkdchick said...

Yeah the drive sure was fun yesterday wasn't it? I put off doing my groceries until Saturday, I also left work an hour early! Glad you were safe yesterday!

Wow you're almost done the top section on PL! Way to go Beatrice!

Wanda said...

Your PL is looking terrific, it is hard to believe others are having such terrible weather its supposed to be 60 something tomorrow, winter pretending to be spring.

Carolien said...

Hello Beatrice,

We had our first snow of winter here, but it's gone already and you had to look early in the morning yesterday to discover it.
So we had snow! LOL
Your PL looks wonderful.

Greetings, Carolien

Redwitch said...

Thanks for your bright thoughts Beatrice! I'm *so* jealous of your snow, mind you the driving must be tricky?!

Your PL is looking lovely, the colours are very pretty

Suzanne said...

I couldn't even imagine having to drive through that kind of weather. Just make sure that you keep safe.

PL is looking really good.