Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dirty Dancing

First of all I want to thank everyone for their support about my decision to wait for new fabric for MG. It will be more fun for sure on Evenweave.

Next...I'm going to Toronto tomorrow to see the play Dirty Dancing. I'm going on a bus trip so I won't have to drive in the snow storm they are calling for. I loved the movie so I hope the play is as good.

Thanks again and stitch with happy fingers.


Carolyn said...

I hope you have a great time..

I am sure the play with be fantastic..

Have Fun:)

Lynn said...

Have a great time Beatrice! I'm sure you'll love it.

tkdchick said...

Have fun! Are you taking some stitching for the bus?

Becky K in OK said...

Hope you had a great time.

Nancy said...

Have a great time. Hope the show is good. Bus trips are the way to go. They drop you right at the door. We go on them a lot.

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Live theatre - my favourite :-)
Hope you had a wonderful time!

Wendy said...

I know how you feel about re-starting a piece on new fabric (my PL!) But if you're not happy with it now at the beginning, you may put it aside and never finish it.

The title of your post had me thinking, LOL, I was expecting to see some pictures of you dancing!

Claire said...

Have a great time! I love that movie too, so let me know how the play is. I would love to see that.


Kim said...

Sounds like a great show. I hope it makes it to NY soon