Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We're painting

I haven't stitched for a day or 2 because we are doing some renovating and I had to shop for paint and i did some priming on the new drywall.
Yuck. Not my favorite thing to do. DH will do the painting.
I will post a photo when it is all done.

I needed to share this bear with you. A lady that works at the retirement home where my Mom lives made this out of old jewelry. He stand about 20inches high and is just gorgeous. He is sitting on a lazy susan and is just as wonderful on the back. They are selling it at a silent auction for there entertainment fund.
Starting at $250.00 , I hope they do well !!!

I'm off to stitch on PL and will post tomorrow.on the SAL blog.


Sachiko said...

Wow!!What a gorgeous bear!!
It is good in becoming a high price by auctin.

Vonna said...

Good luck with the painting...THAT STINKS to have to do that...yuck!

The bear is just gorgeous...I mean really! I saw that there is a St. Christopher medal on there...:)

Lynn said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a bear like that! I hope they do well with the auction.
Looking forward to your progress pic of PL.

Suzanne said...

The bear is just so beautiful, it should do really well at auction.

tkdchick said...

That bear is just too cool!