Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stash for Moonlight Guardian

Last weekend at the retreat I managed to pick up the rest of the fibers that I needed for the Moonlight guardian by Dragon dreams.

I had bought the chart in the summer when I was asked to join Christin and Dani in a SAL starting Jan.1st 2008.

Christin the enabler [thanks again] sent me a bundle of specialty threads to start the kit and my Fabric is on order so it will be here on time!

This is week4 of PL and I hate to put it down.

I'm going to stitch with the ladies of the Thursday Group today...teapot day.
I hope the weather holds out. It's been freezing rain and a bit of snow. -3*c. I have choir practice tonight so I hope I can go there as well!
Have a great day all and please stitch with happy fingers.


Little Cat said...

What lovely stash and I'm so looking forward to seeing you all stitching that great dragon! Wish I could find a free slot to join you all. I love that chart!

Jennifer said...

I hope you have fun stitching it! I'm also glad that you have one of the new versions to stitch from instead of the ones on green card stock! Have fun dreaming up a story to go along with the piece!

Jennifer Aikman-Smith

Becky K in OK said...

Your stash looks fabulous, as do PL. Hope you were able to make it to your Thurs. stitch in.

tkdchick said...

I'm so glad you're joining us on the great New Year's Day start SAL!!!

Oooh I see Jen paid you a visit and left you a comment how cool is that??? Jen is just the best!

Suzanne said...

The dragon looks great, I look forward to watching your progress. Such cold weather, I would happily swap for our warm and humid one.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, what a beautiful dragon and I love those colors. I will be interested to see what name this dragon will have. Paradigm is looking great. Isn't it a fun stitch.

Ranae said...

I will love to watch the progress on this one and PL is looking great, love the colors.

Kim said...

PL's really coming along! Can't wait to see how the dragon SAL progresses too.