Monday, November 26, 2007

More wall .

I was finally able to sit down tonight and stitch on the Tour des Marques. I can even see where I'm building another wall. There are many color changes in this, but.. an interesting piece.

We are off to visit my DH's parents tomorrow . They are in a nursing home about an hour away. So the day will be booked up. I will take some stitching but I don't expect I'll do much. I like to have it in the car in case we get held up some where on the road!
The weather doesn't look good and if it is bad we won't go...We'll hold off for a day or so. They are both doing well just elderly and need some care!

Take care and thank you for your great comments.
Stitch with happy fingers.


tkdchick said...

Beatrice, good for you for pulling out Tour. I won't be touching mine until The Castle is done.

Safe travels tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

It's coming along well Beatrice.

Hope the trip goes well tomorrow and that weather holds off.

Vonna said...

TdM is looking've made quite a bit of progress since last time :)
Have a safe day today!

velda said...

That's coming along beautifully!

Kathy A. said...

Nice to see Tour again. You are making good progress. Be careful on the roads you and DH.

Lynn said...

Tour is really taking shape now. I love watching its progress!
Take care on the roads and have a good trip.