Saturday, September 29, 2007


This photo was taken on Thursday when I was on my way to the Stitching group at our LNS. Knowledge and Needles is located on a lovely country road and the colors are quite spectacular. They are early this year and probably they will drop fast because we haven't had much rain.
We do have a lot of maple in this region so lots of reds.It seems the only thing I stitched on this week of any significance is the Teapot, and that 's very little .
I had two other pieces that I worked on. One I had to take out because I didn't like the color and the other is the Christmas tree and I made a mistake so I need to take a little out. Not much but enough to be annoying.
I have a lot of pieces on the go And I have to regroup because I don't seem to get ahead. Does that happen to anyone else?
I know I need a finish.
Mind you I do have my biscornu done just need to stuff it. I did enjoy that stitch a lot.
The answer is to do some smalls. ...Oh yeah I have a couple on the go. Can't show them right now. But I will soon.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and get lots of stitching in.
I hope to do so tomorrow.
The castle has been worked on tonight. But I needed to catch up with all of you.


Anonymous said...

The fall colors are so refreshing! Keep in mind, stitching isn't a race. It is something to savor and enjoy when you have the time and mind to do it.

chiloe said...

I love the tree colors of fall. It's so beautiful. I also like the vivid colors of your cross stitch.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful view. We have some lovely spots like that round here too. I really should take some photo's.

It's so annoying to have to frog isn't it. I always try and frog as soon as I see the mistake otherwise I know I'll put it away and wont get it out again.

Vonna said...

Oh the fall colors are starting already in Canada?! WOW, gorgeous :) I personally can't wait...I love to look out our rolling hills and see the trees dressed in their finery!
I love your WIP and can't wait to see the castle progress!

barb said...

We do live a beautiful part of Ontario( one of many) don't we?
I love teejay's comment - one to remember when we get frustrated.

Jaimie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and all the nice comments. I love fall too and your colors really capture it! I will be visiting alot! See you!

Kathy A. said...

Makes me homesick!!!! I understand the frustration part. That is why I have concentrated on the wreath I want one of the major projects done See you in a few days

Wendy said...

I know it can get frustrating with a lot of projects on the go. I think its a good idea to concentrate on a couple of smaller ones and see some finishes! Beautiful picture!!

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful picture of Autumn's colors. We have a little longer to wait for fall to arrive down here in the South--I can't wait!!

Your WIP is looking wonderful!

tkdchick said...

Beatrice, I can see your progress on the Teapot. I feel the same way sometimes. YOu stitch and stitch and nothing seems to get finished! That's when I usually try to focus on one thing and get it done.