Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Castle SAL [Lucky]

Hello everyone. First of all I'll tell you I survived all the laundry and stuff. Even went out for a nice lunch with Kathy.
We did some shopping and enjoyed some time together.

This evening I was able to spend some time on Lucky. He is looking good I think. I might spend a little more time on him this week to catch up . I know I'm running behind.
Even though a SAL is not a race I feel I need to move on with him. So.... this week a little extra.!!!

I have to go out of town tomorrow, so the day will be shot.
Hopefully the evening will be free to stitch up a storm. I won't even be able to go to the Thursday stitching group. Yikes...not good. Oh well you got to do what you got to do!!!!
Have a good day all!
Stitch with happy fingers.


Anonymous said...

"Amazing" doesn't begin to describe this piece! I will be pulling out a ufo soon of a dragon for my daughter, it is from a design company called "True Colors" and is full of color. Doesn't stitching really start to take over our lives at times, sometimes I think so but it's great. Enjoy your stitching group when you can, I wish I had one, I would love that.

Squazi said...

Wow! This is looking so good. I know what you mean by not having enough time. I said to my husband that if we only had another two hours in the day I think I would get a whole lot more stitching done. If only that was possible!!

Hazel said...

Lovely TW wip! I love your name tree too. XX

Kathy A. said...

Nice work girl. You are progressing well with Lucky! and lunch was great fun

Wendy said...

You are making such great progress! I can see why its hard to put down, these TW's can get so addicting, LOL!

Andrea...stitching with Akitas said...

You're making great progress on you SAL. I wish I was as far along.

tkdchick said...

Gosh, Beatrice, at the rate you're going (and I'm not) you'll be done The Castle before I will!