Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's finished

Can you believe it!!! I did get it done before the end of the month. So....Maybe I'll do something for February. I always feel the colors aren't as good as real life but they are close. The beads are a blue green [peacock] I'm happy with the results. The fabric is white [not gray].

Yesterday I also worked on the Map not a lot to show, I might do an hour today.
Then I must pick up PL..yippee today is PL day.

I hope you all have a great day and stitch with happy fingers.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Pretty Snowflake

This is the first Ornament of the year that I will be stitching. I started it this weekend. It is the Victorian Lace Snowflake of Rosewood Manor. This is on Page28 in the2007 Christmas Ornament Just cross stitch Magazine. I changed the color of the thread to DMC 807 and the beads I will be using are Antique Glass Beads .o3o35 [peacock color] It will take the whole pkg. of beads.
To see it finished my friend Kathy did it in the color it asked for. Look here.
It is just beautiful so I thought I would do it as well. I love to bead!

Here is the Moonlight Guardian progress for this week. I think it is going to be very pretty! Lots of Sparkles. I'm off to do some stitching this afternoon because I have Choir practice tonight.
Have a nice day. Stitch with happy fingers.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Corner to Corner

Working that extra day this week has thrown me off kilter with my stitching so I missed the Map this week. I will stitch on it again soon then I'll take a photo of it. It doesn't show much progress yet!!

Have a look at Knowledge and Needles Ann's photo's I'm so jealous she's in Florida and having a blast!

I did work on the PL and am finished the top. It is looking pretty good I think!! I'm so happy with the colors I picked!

Tonight I'm up for the Moonlight Guardian. I will post it later ..probably Sunday!
Have a good weekend all..See you soon.
Stitch with happy fingers!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

100 post's today

Today I am posting my 100th blog.

I can't tell you how much fun this has been for me and I wish to thank all of my blogger friends for the wonderful comments which keeps this blog going for me. You have all been very kind!!!

My computer skills have improved and so has my typing. I'm still learning but it is FUN!!!

I had to work yesterday so it was a lost day for stitching.

This weekend I worked on the Nordic Angel and Sat. was MG day.

MG is a slow stitch with all the Krenik and waterlillies but it is so pretty.

Oh yes I will talk to Barb and let her know you all loved her teapot!!!
She probably did see the comments on my blog. Thank You.

I'm off to put some stitches in PL. Yes I love it for sure.

Have a great day and stitch with happy fingers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I just remembered

I remembered today that I had promised to post a photo of Barb's Tea Pot!! As you can see she made it into a Tea cozy.
Barb is an Amazing seamstress and has taught us many things i.e. Flatfolds and the Banner..
Now look at this Tea Cozy.!! Isn't it great.
Barb reads the blogs but does not post as yet...I'm working on her but she needs high speed.
She also is involved with our Snowbird SAL. And I have posted there for her as well.

My Tea pot is a different chart but from the same designer. We [6 or 7 ] started this in the late summer and a few have them finished. My Mom did the blue and I did the yellow so I'm going to put them both into 1 cozy.

I have been working on the computer putting the blogs I read into Google Reader. This so cool. But not being too computer smart it is taking me awhile to get them all in . I love it though it gives me more reading time and stitching time. Once this is all set I will get back to my blogging and stitching.
Boy will I be glad when I'm retired from work...That will give me a lot more time. 3 mo's to go... yippee.

I have company coming for dinner so I had better go.

Have a nice weekend everyone and stitch with happy fingers.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've been Tagged !

This weekend I was tagged by Carolien. I hope the answers to the questions gives you a little information on who I am. I will try to keep it light!

Here Goes!

4 jobs I have had.

I've been a hairdresser since I was 16.and Barber for the last 24 years in one shop!

I work for a Canadian airline company call WardAir in Montreal as a Passenger Agent supervisor.

I was a front desk clerk at a major Hotel for almost 6 years in Trenton Ont.

In Florida I was part owner of a commercial fishing boat and fished for a living in the early 70's

4 movies I watch over and over.

The Neverending story

All Elvis movies

South Pacific.

All Disney movies.

4 Places I've been

Bagdad Iraq

Niewshwanstien Castle Germay

Many many States in the USA.

Brenner pass Italy

4 Places I've lived

Eindhoven the Netherlands

Marathon in the Florida Keys

Lahr Germany


[There were many more] Military life

4 TV shows I watch

All CSI's

All Law and Order


Regis and Kelly

4 People that email me regularly





4 Favorite things to eat.

Ice Cream

Roast Beef dinner


Salty snacks [chips or pretzels etc]

4 Places I'd rather be.

I love where I am..
If a holiday counts maybe the south somewhere for a few weeks

4 Things I look forward to this year.

I'm retiring in MAY yippee

I look forward to my Gardening. I couldn't do much last spring

Lots of golfing

Retirement ... Yup I'm looking forward to it after 44 years of always working.

4 People I will tag

Kathy of Sit and stitch

Becky of stitching post

TeeJay of Passons of my needle

Karen of Little cat blogs

Well there you have it a bit of my life in a Nut shell.

Have a great day all and stitch with happy fingers!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back at it!

This is what it looked like the last time I looked at it!

I don't know what hit me this week , But I decided I needed to take out a few UFO's and have a look at one I will finish..The Nordic Angel won. She is really very pretty and I do love this chart by Barbara Baatz. I've had it floating around for over a year. So here is my progress .

I also worked on the MG. This is very interesting to work on. I'm needing a magnifier to see the holes. The color makes it hard to see. It's not real dark just different!

My BFF Kathy was here yesterday and stitched with my Mom and I. It was so good to see her. We even stitched together today at Ann's and will stitch tomorrow at Judie's.
We needed to catch up with one another. It was fun. She stitches alone in Yuma . No stitchers there.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.
I'm off to the choir practice tonight. Boy the weather is bad again. I'm getting a lift from a couple that are members as well . I'm glad I don't have to drive, it's snowing again!
Stitch with happy fingers!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank you!!

First of all I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments on my blog.
I had no Idea so many folks were reading my blog and I am flattered.

My next SAL is the Dragon Dreams Moonlight Guardian and I have a little of the border done,
Blue never shows real well on the photos but it is pretty close. This has lots of krenik and beads so it will be fun!
The PL is a wonderful stitch and as I said on the SAL blog it is Therapeutic. I really enjoy it.

I'm off to stitch with the Thursday group at Knowledge and Needles so farewell to all.
Stitch with happy fingers.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ta Daaa !!! It's finished!


After one year and one week Lucky is complete!! I will miss him but I have already moved on to a new Dragon..I'm so fickle. He has been a part of my life every weekend for a year!

I have a lot of projects on the go and I'm going to work on at least 3 of them diligently.
Paradigm Lost.
The Map of the Netherlands.
Moonlight Guardian.

The other pieces I will fit in as I go.
My 2008 goal is to finish the PL and the MG.
I hope to do a few ornaments as well.

Thank you for supporting Lucky through out the year of 2007.

Stitch with happy fingers and have a good day!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's a new Year and a New Start

I started a SAL with Dani and Christin. It was to start Jan 1/08. But I had to wait for the fabric which I received from Dani today. It is the Moonlight Guardian by Dragon Dreams.
Soooooo.... Here it is... started!!!
I also did some work on the PL yesterday..

I invite you to have a look at Caroliens blog. She had a surprise for me!
I was so impressed I want to share it with my Blogging friends.

Here is the quilt I made for Mom with her stitched Dutch people.
That is just to much fun. I love that she shared it with us!!!

I'm off to do a little more stitching with Ann and Dani at Ann's..I think Sharon is coming too tonight!
Bye for now.
Stitch with happy fingers!!