Saturday, January 26, 2008

Corner to Corner

Working that extra day this week has thrown me off kilter with my stitching so I missed the Map this week. I will stitch on it again soon then I'll take a photo of it. It doesn't show much progress yet!!

Have a look at Knowledge and Needles Ann's photo's I'm so jealous she's in Florida and having a blast!

I did work on the PL and am finished the top. It is looking pretty good I think!! I'm so happy with the colors I picked!

Tonight I'm up for the Moonlight Guardian. I will post it later ..probably Sunday!
Have a good weekend all..See you soon.
Stitch with happy fingers!


Wanda said...

Super job, that is a gorgeous color choice! Have a great stitchy weekend.

AnnMcD said...

Hey Beatrice,
No winter coats or is good!
The only drawback to holidaying in Florida...we are eating way too much!!!!
Also no stitching...oh well I'll make up for it when I get home. I'll have to make up for all the food as well! Power stitching may work.

Suzanne said...

I agree with you, PL is looking really good. You have made some excellent progress!

Laura said...

Paradigm Lost looks superb. You have really made lots of progress on it.

Carolien said...

It looks wonderful, Beatrice!

Happy stitching, Carolien

Cheryl said...

PL is looking really great!

Nancy said...

Very nice stitching. I love the color you are using too.

Kim said...

PL's really flying!
Er, nothing against using powder to make soups! That's just how the recipe goes. I don't even make chicken soup, I do soup-in-a-cup ;-)

Heidi said...

I agree with you that the colors are looking gorgeous! This is really going to be pretty. How large is it?

Hugs ~

Ranae said...

Pl is looking so nice. I love the colors, great choice. I am going to Florida is Feb. and cant wait.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice,

Beautiful Paradigm Lost. The colours are truly lovely. I'm partial to reds, dark and light roses, and burgundys so I love your colour choices for this piece.

I was fascinated to read your answers to the meme on January 15th. When were you in Bagdad??? What was it like then??

It sounds as though you're quite the well traveled person. I'd love to have lived or visited so many places and experienced so many different cultures.

And you owned a fishing boat and fished for a living??? Wow! You've lived quite an interesting life.

Congratulations on posting your 100th blog. It's amazing how the time flies by. And what a lot of fun we have, and how many wonderful people we've met.

Nordic Angel is very pretty, and it must feel good to have her out again and making some progress on her.


stitcherw said...

Great progress on PL. I always love it when I can get a whole side done, it gives me better feel for my whole piece. The color you picked is so pretty too.

tkdchick said...

Beatrice that's looking just awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bea, youre work looks great, I have not done a lot of stitching,as of lately,but hope to pick it up when I`m back among all the Thursday stitchers, Bought a nice new Stitching book from readers digest with some wonderfull new idee`s in it.Miss all you Girls, Say Hi to every one from me.Love Angie