Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Couldn't Help it!

As you know I have Startitis and once again it flared up and I had no control......
Here is the result of that. One Celtic knot by M designs. this is my second attempt at over one. The first one was the M design Christmas tree. I now have a new addiction. I love over one and am looking at doing a HAED [heaven and earth design] Yup I'm hooked.

The other piece is a Prairie Schooler Harvest Time. As you can see the witch on a broom. This will be my flat fold for the Halloween season.

I also thought I would show you my towering herb garden. Isn't it cute??
I hope to bring it in for the winter. If it survives! So far so good.
Melanie [no blog as far as I can see] had asked about the Scenic Farm. The designer is Dimensions. It is a kit. [1997]It is a pretty piece and I'm enjoying it too.

Thanks for all the great comments on my blog.

Take care and stitch with happy fingers.


Ranae said...

Ohh! A HAED, which one?
Startis is sooo much fun though :)
Nice start on both the MD and PS
visit my blog, You won!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Startitis, such a debilitating affliction. I have that at the moment and I can feel my resistence weakening. These are both great starts and you have made good progress on your other WIPs.

I love your herb garden, what a great way to display your pots.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your starts look great ;)

Rowyn said...

Love your towering herb garden.

If startitis makes you happy, then why not I say! :-)

Nancy said...

I LOVE THAT WITCH. She is great.
The pot you did with herbs is so neat. I think Heidi needs to try that one. She plants herbs all the time and has pots all over her garden.

Heidi said...

Love two things...that tower herb garden is great! I have herbs planted up in my terracotta pots. I have seen how to make these towers on gardening shows. They are great space savers. And your PS witch is going to be oh so cute. I can't wait to see it finished. I want to get stitching again but first have to finish one of my quilt UFOs. Hand quilting takes time.

Hugs ~

Bette said...

You will get hooked by over-one stitching. After a while things looks a little clunky to me done any other way. I have several HAED that I can't wait to get started on.

Stitchingranny said...

I just love your herb tower Beatrice, its just so me. I do love my garden though its never as tidy as I would like.

I used to suffer with startitis and found my rota was the salve for my addiction as there is usually about three months between each project it feels a bit like something new. At least that way I do get finishes before doing that I just had a draw full of ufos lol.

Lynn said...

Your herb garden is so cool! Wherever did you find such a neat herb tower?
Great new starts! The Celtic knot is such a lovely piece. I'm still hesitant to try anything over one. I'm not sure my eyes will hold out.

barb said...

I should never lend your mother any more patterns !! BUT then who else would have more startitis?
You are making me think ----mmmm
maybe Celtic Cross over 1!!

Wendy said...

Nice starts, Beatrice! You're getting lots of stitching done recently. The towering herb garden looks wonderful, what kinds of herbs do you have planted?

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice,

I have to tell you how much
I love those stacking pots
that you have your herbs in.
I've never seen anything like
that before. What a clever
idea, and perfect for tight

My condolences on the startitis.
I understand it can be quite a
chronic ailment, and almost
impossible to treat.

On the other hand, love the
new projects that you've started.
Starting a Halloween project
already?? It's only June!!
I know, I know, there's no
reasoning with startitis is
there. The M Designs piece
looks like fun.

So how do you like retirement
so far???

Hope you have a great weekend.


stitcherw said...

Great starts both, you've certainly been busy. Your towering pots are cute too, what a fun and different style planter.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are brave attempting a HAED! LOL. That herb garden is great. What a lovely display.

Carolien said...

Good luck with your startitis, sounds like a pleasant disease to me! (I had a daughter at home for a week with a sore throat etc. so your disease sounds like heaven to me :))

I love your herbs arrangement!!! I hope they will give lots of nice meals ...

Groetjes uit Holland, Carolien