Monday, June 30, 2008

He has a mate!

At Thursday Stitching at our LNS Knowledge and Needles, I found the perfect mate for Bling aka Moonlight guardian.
Guard this Keep, has a cute little Dragon that will go well together. Not sure when it will get stitch but it's great stash. The name on the chart is "The Smith's" ...just happens to be my last name so what can I say. It jumped out at me!!

I found this nice piece of fabric when Kathy A.and I went out for a bit of a jaunt to a fabric shop. And lunch!!!

Last week when I went Golfing with my DH and another couple we had a beautiful view as we went to one of the t blocks. Long horned cattle not that common around here and there they were in all there glory.

I love summer!!!

Stitch with happy fingers.



Annemarie said...

Ooh, cute dragons! Were you inspired bu Kathy´s garden dragon? I'm sure they will look great together :o)

tkdchick said...

What a great companion for bling!

~V said...

I've met Jennifer (canadian) she's an AMAZING lady! enjoy stitching her stuff..

Happy Canada day to you too:)

Mary Ann said...

Nice new chart to go with your other one! And, the little witch is looking great!!

Carolien said...

Great new kit, Beatrice! And that view with cattle ... that looks very Dutch to me!

Happy stitching & groetjes, Carolien

Nancy said...

I love the witch. It came out soooo cute. Hey, my maiden name was Smith. It would have jumped out to me also. It is too cute.
Happy stitching.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice,

Happy Canada Day! Although it's
almost over now. I expect the
neighbourhood fireworks will be
getting underway soon. Hope they
don't go on too late since
tomorrow is a work day.

I like the new chart from Dragon
Dreams that you chose to compliment
Bling. I'm sure they'll be very
happy together.

The fabric you got is so perfect
for your witchy piece. And so very
Fall, with it's lovely, colourful

That's a really nice, pastoral
view in your picture from your
golfing afternoon. These days you
never know what you'll see in a
farmer's field. Long horned
steer, Ostriches, or Buffalo. I've
seen them all at one time or


Opps. There go the fireworks!

Suzanne said...

Great dragon charts and I do love that fabric.

Heidi said...

I could have stayed and looked at that view all day. I would never concentrate on the game afterwards. :) Your little PS witch is really coming along fast and she is so cute.

Hugs ~