Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May Ornament

I felt I should do a small ornament. I have so many large projects on the go that I need to stop and regroup.
This was my way of doing that, a little finish always makes me feel good.
This is from The Gift of Stitching on line Magazine. Dec 2006 pg. 4.

Click on the photo to see the pretty beads.

I will put my name and the name of the person who receives it, on the back when I'm ready to put it together in the fall.
We usually have an ornamentification day around here and get them all done at once we have a lot of fun doing that. [Thursday stitcher's group]

My stitching mo-jo is a little weak right now and so is my blogging. I 'll get back to it after the concert . Right now we are practicing 3 times a week. The concert is on Sat. May 10. We are ready for sure.

Stitch with happy fingers and I'll see you all soon.


Kim B said...

I love this ornament! And I think the idea of an ornamentification gathering is great!

Suzanne said...

This is a cute design! It's always nice to have a finish, especially when you are working on many large projects.

I hope your concert goes well and you have lots of fun.

norquay said...

Good luck at the concert! Enjoy!


Lynn said...

Love your ornie!
My stitching and blogging have been on the back seat too because of my DH's concert schedule. Too much to do and too little time!
I haven't had time to comment but I have been reading and wanted to congratulate you on your retirement. I'm so envious! Enjoy!!

Jaimie said...

Cute little tree! Great choice!

Carolien said...

Hello Beatrice,

Your ornament looks so good and festive! Really nice.
Have a nice concert!!!

Groetjes, Carolien

Wendy said...

Lovely ornament! Sometimes we do need a wee stitching break, to get those juices flowing again.

Redwitch said...

Wishing you good luck for your concert :)

Nice ornie too!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I know how you feel with large designs, all of mine are large and my number of wips grows!!!! This is a cute design.

Carol said...

Pretty :-)

Sharon said...

pretty ornament!

Stitchingranny said...

Wow what a pretty little (almost) finish. It will make a beautiful ornament.

staci said...

Very cute ornie! What a fun gathering that must be in the fall!

Nancy said...

That is such a very cute ornament. Hope the concert is great too.

Sachiko said...

Gorgeous Beads!!