Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A little more SAL

I seem to have been able to add quite a bit to the Tour des Marques yesterday. It has a lot of color changes so it is slow pickings. I do like the results.
The golfers is a piece I did for my DH's birthday in 2005. This is designed by Lynne Nicoletti.
I was a new stitcher at the time and thought I could just whip this up like my Mother did her pieces. Boy was I fooled I worked on it for 3m....and I had to do it elsewhere so he wouldn't see it.
He takes quite an interest and always wants to see my work so I had to be sneaky and have another on the go at home.
The colors were easy to work with because green is my favorite.
I will be stitching with some friends tonight on a little witch.
I will show it to you soon.


Mary Ann said...

Hi Beatrice, the Tour des Marques piece is looking fantastic! I clicked the picture to see it larger and I could see all of the color changes--wow! A lot of work, but an amazing result!! And, the golf piece for your DH is lovely--I bet he loves it!!

Kathy said...

Nice work. I can see some progess on Tour - the tower looks rounded. The golfer is wonderful.

tkdchick said...

Tour looks great!

The golfers are fantastic! I never noticed them when I visited your house!

Christin said...

Tour is looking great. You seem to making excellent progress.
The golfers look wonderful as well.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate everyone's support and encouragement. Peaches was a fun stitch to do, and the colours so pretty.

I've read the description over your blog name, about sitting on your porch overlooking Quinte Bay while stitching. Oh, what a lovely image that sentence evokes in my mind. I vacationed at the Bay of Quinte with my family x-number of years ago and it was so pretty. I envy you that view.

And I have to say that I envy you having friends over to stitch with. I'm afraid that I don't have any stitching friends living close by, which is why blogging friends are so wonderful to have.

Your stitching work is lovely, and the Tour piece is very interesting. What an intricate piece to work on.I love the golfers, and their period clothes.

Look forward to enjoying your blog. Cheers.