Thursday, July 12, 2007

Celtic Banner SAL

Last fall 3 of us decided to do a SAL on the Celtic Banner by Butternut Road. Today the 3 of us got together and finished it. I'm very happy with the results. It was a wonderful piece to stitch on. I worked on it one day a week for 32 weeks. That seems like a long time...but really only 32 days.
Last summer I was at a weekend get together and 4 ladies had stitched it Seeing them there was an inspiration!!! Just had to do it. Thank you ladies for enableing.
I have a few WIP [boy is that an understatement]lol. and I try to rotate them daily. It seems to work for me. If I get close to a finish I will concentrate on it .
I love to stitch and watch baseball on TV, actually I listen to it.
I have lots of pieces to show you . I'll find one for tomorrow.


stitcherw said...

Your Celtic Banner is beautiful, such a lot of detail. Lovely job on the finishing as well.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw that design (Celtic Banner), I thought I might buy and eventually stitch it but when I saw that it had a humongous height count (600? and something), I was intimidated and decided against it. Yours looks magnificent, kudos.

Kathy said...

Nice finish. It looks really nice hanging.

Anonymous said...

Hello Beatrice and welcome to the world of blogging!

What great stitching! Your Celtic Banner is huge and so lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing your updates and getting to know you.

Christine said...

Welcome to blogging, Beatrice! Now I will be able to stay really current with your wonderful work!

Anonymous said...


Your Celtic banner looks wonderful. How is Witchy coming along?


Lynn said...

Your Celtic Banner is beautiful! You do lovely work. I noticed from your profile that you sing in 2 choirs. I also sing in 2, both of which are directed by my DH who is an organist and choir director. Next to stitching, singing is one of my favourite pastimes.

tkdchick said...

Oooh Beatrice will you finishin mine like that for me?

Christin said...

Celtic banner turned out awesome. I feel so lazy that mine has been done for a year and I still haven't done the finishing.