Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend stitching

I'm going to show you the updates on my stitching I did at the retreat.

I finished my Nantucket sampler, Yippee!!!!!
I bought this chart on my holiday to Cape Cod in the spring..I love  it
55 cnt linen from France that Clare gave me in the summer. I had run out of thread so now I can finish it up thanks to Clare again! The thread is very fine silk. I did put in the row of P,Q,R, just the O left in this row.then on to the next one!

 I know I hear it all the time.. I'm crazy!!!! (1 over 1 on 32 cnt Lugana  JBW Angel! ) But tell me this isn't just adorable!

Cirque des Cercles

 My framer got it done in time for the retreat for show and tell. It's a brushed gold..hmmmm the blue in the corner must be a reflection. Guess I have to take a better photo of it in the daylight!

Inky Dinky Blackwork

Finished with some real sweet snowman fabric.

Well  I'll  show some of the rest of the photo's on my next post.


PegC said...

Absolutely WOW Beatrice--the Cirque is stunning--what beautiful work.
I'm with you on the over 1. Was talking tonight about doing a 50 ct over one to get a certain pattern to turn out smaller, but not sure I could find the holes!

Deborah said...

Love all of your finishes! The over one is really beautiful.

Lesleyanne said...

All are lovely finishes.

Lynn said...

I love them all Beatrice! Cirque looks gorgeous!! I'm glad it was ready in time to show off.
That little angel is adorable. I love the colours you've chosen for it. Looks like you've been very productive lately. Looking forward to seeing more pics from your weekend.

Bette said...

Wow! 55CT! I am in awe of you , girl. CDC is lovely really like the framing. I also love Nantucket Sampler. I'm getting more tempted every time I see it.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

You know every colour I have seen Cirque stitched in makes me like it even more. I will stick to my Growth Rings if I ever get to it. Love the colours of the Little Angel, and those Snowmen are wonderful also.
Be always in stitches.

natalyK said...

Love over 1 stitching but 55ct. WOW! That seems challenging. Love all of your finishes. Simply beautiful!

Vonna said...

BEAUTIFUL work all around!!! CdC is stunning!

Silverlotus said...

Beautiful finishes!

Kathy A. said...

Wow, girl! You have been busy. What wonderful work you have done. CdC is gorgeous. Glad you had it redone.
Love the snowman pillow. Still haven't finished mine.
Miss you!