Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alls well !

I have had the worst time with my computer....It  finally Crashed...yup Crashed ! I lost everything...oh ...not my photos I had them on discs thank goodness for that.

It seems that could be the reason I had so much problems with the comments and uploading.
Who knows anyway. .. I now have a new hard drive and all my programs are reloaded and we will try this again.
I had 4 Trojans and 2 viruses
I also have a new antivirus so I hope all is well.

Now about the stitching in the mean time I was able to spend some time on that.

This is a Halloween piece 
Black Cats and Flying Bats
Blue Ribbon designs

Next I stitched the eyes on this hand towel for my bathroom.
The pattern is in a mag that a friend loaned me.
The towel was given to me from a friend (Angie)at my group. she bought it at a yardsale and thought of my bathroom.
The lady (Judy) she bought it from is in our group as well and loved the results. Now she can come and visit her towel any time she wants.  LOL
Remember Ink Circles CdC ?
here is a close up of the verigated thread on the navy.


                                                                                    Hmmm table cloth is showing through.. it is white.

Not the greatest photos but you get the idea.
This is a RR we are doing at our Thursday group. Barb is the owner of this one . I had my pig tails dipped in ink as a kid so this was definitely mine to do.

So as you can see I've been stitching.
I hope you are all  having a wonderful summer,  and Stitch with happy fingers.


Wendy said...

ai, computers crashing, terrible, but it happens to me now and then to.
I do not have 1 virusscanner, but 2, HitmanPro and AVG, and CCleaner to top it of.
works well for me.

your stitching looks really nice, love the light thread on the blue !

Lynn said...

There's nothing worse than computer woes especially since most of the time I don't know how to deal with them! Glad you're back with us again.
All of your WIP are looking great Beatrice! I love seeing CdC once more.
Hope you are able to join us tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

Kathy A. said...

welcome back girl!!! Nice stitching!

Bette said...

So sorry you had computer troubles. But so glad you're back. I LOVE the towel. It is so cool. And CDC is looking very pretty as well.

Sylvia said...

All your progress stitching is lovely. Enjoy your summer.

Stitch Wizard said...

Love all of your progress stitching here and the navy is a beautiful contract fabric for your Ink Circles design!! Love your blog too!!

Nancy said...

Oh I love those little kids at their desks. How cute is that. I would do that one, I love doing people.

Suzanne said...

Great stitching!

Carolien said...

Oh, that last work is so cute! CUTE!!! Fell in love with that one.
Ahum, the computer crash thing is in the air: mine was away for a long time. I could fetch it in the repair shop yesterday. Nice things ... when they work properly! I am glad your computer is working again.

Groetjes, ook voor je moeder natuurlijk!