Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back at it

It seems I've lost my blogging mojo.
I don't know why...I can only think I've been sitting and stitching a lot.
I've also spent a lot of time weeding and weeding all this rain sure helps those weeds to grow!
I have also started singing again in a small group and that seems to work for me. I enjoy the challenge,
I'm sorry to say that the choir that I was with is now practicing on Sunday eve. and I had to quit. I'm not prepared to give up my Sunday with my Family especially my Mom. So for now I'm off to new adventures.

Please know I've been looking at the blog's I follow and love to see the stitching that is going on.

It's all so wonderful. I guess that helps me to keep on stitching. I want to do all of those lovely pieces I see!!

I'm really enjoying the HAED. 1 over 1 is so much fun.

My Mirabila SAL is going great guns.

Boo club is so colourful. and nice and simple to work on.

That is a pleasure after the HAED So my rotation is going well. I have a couple of little things on the go that I will show when they are done.

It's almost the weekend so I will say have a good one and " Stitch with Happy Fingers! "

p/s notice nothing new at the moment...I'm feeling the urge...soooooon!!!!


Suzanne said...

Great progress with your stitching! You have made amazing progress on your HAED.

Kim B said...

Wonderful progress pics! Your pieces look amazing!

Silverlotus said...

You aren't the first person I've heard say that they enjoy stitching a HAED. I keep putting off working on the one I have because I figured it would be a pain. Maybe I will get started later this fall, once my Christmas stitching is nearly done. Thank you for providing encouragement.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your wips are looking great Beatrice. I hope that the new choir works out well for you.

Brigitte said...

Great WIPs, Beatrice, and great progress on all of them. I particularly love your Mirabilia.

Tommye said...

Hey, I know what you mean about blogging mojo. Sometimes I'd just rather stitch than blog!

Great progress on the WIP.


Mel said...

They all look amazing!

Nancy said...

All of your stitching is just beautiful. That Halloween piece is going to be so cute. Of course, the lady is a masterpiece. Glad you are getting a lot done in spite of the weeds.

stitcherw said...

They are all looking great, I'm loving Boo, that series is so fun.

Ingrid said...

they all look beautiful, I love you mirabelia!

RuthB said...

Beautiful work... but then again we expect that of you. Don't worry about the mojo... it'll be back :)

Sonda in OR said...

Everything looks lovely. Know what you mean about the blogging mojo. Can't blog and stitch at the same time...I'd rather be stitching. ;)

Heidi said...

Nice and simple Boo club is great with all the difficult other projects you do Beatrice. You amaze me as to how much you finish. I am having trouble reading enough other blogs while I am keeping up my own two blogs. I have been stitching so much this summer. I am not weeding at the moment as we have terribly hot weather. Can I send you my sun and you send me your rain? :-)

Hugs ~

Bette said...

I know about losing your blogging mojo. At least you're still stitching. Your WIP's are beautiful.

Lynn said...

I lost my blogging mojo for most of the summer. Just too much on the go and what time off that I had I preferred to stitch.
Your Mirabilia is lovely.
I've wondered what it would be like to stitch a HAED. Maybe you'll inspire me!