Monday, December 10, 2007

Let me introduce you!!

This is Oliver my Great Nephew.
He will be 1 in Jan.

He was most impressed with my beads around my neck. He had more fun playing with them than the toys!

I only see him every few months because they live a 3hr drive away. And they are in a snow belt so I don't know when they can get here again.
My Mom was so happy to see him. He is a big boy!!!

I also added a stitch that I did a couple of years ago from a magazine..

I used Whisper for the beard and fur. That was the first time I used it and I like the effect.

I hope to do some stitching today after I get some things done around here!
Have a great day and stitch with happy fingers.


Sweet Pea said...

What a HANDSOME boy! No wonder you ladies are swooning over him

Kim said...

What a cutie!

Wendy said...

He is such a sweetie! What a shame that he lives so far away.

Suzanne said...

Oh, isn't he such a handsome little man. It's always the way, they seem to love the beads and jewellery.

stitcherw said...

What a cutie, and he certainly looked to be enjoying the beads. :)

Your Santa is lovely, the Whisper added a nice dimension to it.

Anonymous said...

Aww, he's a real looker. Lovely photo's :o) What a shame about the distance between you all. At least you do get to see him though.

Kathy A. said...

Well, aren't you the proud auntie. Oliver is sure growing. What a cutie-patootie! Nice Santa stitch.

tkdchick said...

Oh Beatrice he is such a cutie! Your Santa is lovely!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice,

What a little sweetie Oliver is. He looks as though he's having a grand time trying to figure out how to unravel your beaded necklace. Bet they got chomped on a bit too, eh?

I love your Santa banner. He looks quite long. You don't often see a Santa holding a string of bells, which makes this design a bit unique. It was a great idea to use the whisper thread for the beard and trim on his robe. Did you find it difficult to work with?

Paradigm is coming along nicely, and so is your teapot. A bit of summery stitching during a wet and dreary winter week. I love the kitty on the side of the tea pot.

I love the snowman Joy ornament that you made too. His scarf is so neat, and I love how it forms the word. He's quite the rolly polly snowman isn't he?

Guess you'll have Lucky finished off before to long. I've seen Dani's finish of him on her blog and it's a wonderful design.

And your Mom's dutch squares quilt turned out beautifully too. The fabric that you chose to make it with really sets off the x-stitched squares nicely. You and your Mom make a great team.


Jaimie said...

What a cutie! He is certainly enjoying those beads! Lovely stitching on the santa!