Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thank You!!

Yes ...Yesterday was my Birthday. Thought I could just let it slip by, LOL.
My DH and I went out for dinner at a nice casual restaurant ,and coffee at my Brothers. Very quiet.
Thank you for your good wishes.
The witch is getting all my attention right now. I'm sooo close.
Some back stitching on the hand and mouse...The Moon and then beads ..Lots of beads.. They will take a lot of time.
All around the bottom of her dress, scarf ,sleeve, shoes. I love beading so it won't be stressful , just slow.
I have an evening free so tonight I will stitch and stitch.


Christin said...

The witch is coming along so well. I'm sure you can get it done for Retreat.
Happy Birthday, I hope the card arrived.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Great witch. She's coming along lovely.

Vonna said...

She's gorgeous!! (even with the bad complexion) LOL! :)

Itching To Stitch said...

This is so cute already, I can't wait to see what the beads do to it ;)

stitcherw said...

Glad you had fun on your Birthday. Your witch looks great, bet the beads will really make those areas stand out.

Crazee4books said...

Happy Birthday Beatrice!!
(I was just visiting Dani's blog)
Hope that you had a wonderful day.

Love that pillow your stitching group did for your Mum. What a wonderful surprise for her.

I'm eager to see what your witch will look like once she's all beaded and bedazzled. I was in Michael's today and they've got all their Halloween stuff out on display. Yikes!

Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Beatrice:

Happy Late Birthday to you!!! I just love your little witch! She is just so adorable and your stitching is just so pretty!! I don't usually do much in the way of Halloween, but she is so cute I may have to get her!! I love it! Debby :)

jane said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. It makes me feel like I 'belong" to the bloggusphere! [sp?]
What is an SAL? And a round robin while you are at it.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Great witch. Ann.

tkdchick said...

Oooh I can't wait to see her finished! In time for retreat?

Glad to hear you had a great B-Day!

Ranae said...

Happy Birthday!! And you know I love the witch.

Lynn said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Your witch is really cute. I'm anxious to see her with all her beads!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday! Your witch is coming along nicely.

Cathy said...

Your witch is looking good. I enjoy watching your progress.