Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SAL progress

Monday was Tour des Marques SAL day and I stitched on it for a few hours. This a slow progress because of all the confetti stitches.
I can see some progress though.

At the retreat last week I picked up a UFO that has been in my Bag for months. I finished it there.
The chart is from a website that Dani sent me and I fell in love with all the charts available. It is called Tantes Zolder or my Aunts attic . It is a very charming site. This piece has room on the top and bottom to add 2 more of the same style design also with variated threads by DMC but different colors.
Then I will make it into a banner. [I think]

I know I will do more of these.
Have a great day.!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this piece with the medieval looking dragon, how will you finish it?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great way to finish it, I can't wait to see it. I love those dmc variations, don't you. I have a ufo I will start soon using the variations, there is a pic of it up on the quaker inspired blog.

Beatrice said...

I have a Long Dog sampler called Bagatelle that I plan on starting one day soon, maybe that would be good on the Quaker inspired SAL. I just don't know about starting another piece????

Anonymous said...

Wow! They're great!

Kathy A. said...

Nice work on Tour. It is coming along nicely. Your Tantes Zolder piece is looking good too.

Itching To Stitch said...

Nice WIP's ;)

tkdchick said...

Beatrice, I can definately see the difference on Tour! I didn't pick mine up I want to get my RR's done! LOL I think I'm just plain bad at working on more than one project at a time!

Squazi said...

I love the dragons they are looking really great. I especially like the use of the varigated threads.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice,

1) The Castle is spectacular! Is the same one that Dani is working on?? When did you start yours???

2) How do you like using blending filament in stitching??? Does it fray??

3) I love the trees at the front of your house. And the drive wending it's way up towards the house is so cool. It looks like you have your own private retreat.

4) I've been exploring that blog site with all the free charts that you mentioned, and downloading like mad! There's some amazing stuff there. Sigh, so many charts, so little time.