Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm on my way today!

Well my holiday starts today..I'm packed and READY!!

I hope to keep you posted about my journey. I'm going on a car trip with 2 friends .
We are traveling to the South west USA!
New Mexico, Arizona California, Los Vegas Nevada, Utah .then home..we will be away for 40days.

I'm sooooo excited!!!
I will post pictures on Facebook for those of you who have it and I will put some on my blog as well.

I'm taking my stitching because we're  staying in Hotels, so I will have my evenings free once in awhile.
I can't believe it I've been waiting to go on a trip like this for a long time!!!

Long Dog Bagatelle
Here is an update of Baggy!!
What an entertaining stitch this is...I love it!

Well folks stitch with happy fingers and I'll be in touch soon on the road!!


Ranae said...

Travel safe!!
and have lots of fun

Terri said...

Be Safe and have fun

Clare said...

Enjoy your travels

Lynn said...

Safe travels Beatrice! Enjoy all that warmth too. Maybe you could package some and bring it back with you?

Bette said...

If you get to the Phoenix area, I'd love to meet you. Here's my email address just in case:
We could take in a few of the LNS.

Tama said...

that is so pretty!
Enjoy your trip!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice,

Wow, your road trip sounds like
it's going to be a lot of fun.
And the best part is that (at
least in theory) you'll be
leaving the Winter weather far
behind you. Will you miss it??

If you're going to Utah will
you be stopping in at the
Shepherd's Bush store?? I
don't know if your traveling
companions are fellow stitchers
or not.

Your progress on Bagatelle
(and Kathy's as well) has me
yearning to stitch it too. Not
good. But I love that Unicorn
and the white looks so fabulous
against the dark blue background.
Not good. Must move on ....

Love the pictures of Mitsy
being a curious kitty and
checking out your stitching
while you were visiting your
DB and SIL. Such a pretty
cat and she has such good
taste being interested in

Your bird pictures are great.
That hawk is such an impressive
looking fella even at a distance.
The Downy woodpecker is sweet.
We get them at our peanut feeder
and on the suet cakes that Phil
puts out in the Winter time.
We've never had a Red Breasted
Woodpecker at our feeders though.
What a handsome bird he is.

Have I told you how much I love
the thread that you're using to
stitch Cirques des Carreaux??
It looks amazing against the
black fabric. This will be a
stunning piece when it's done.

Have a wonderful time during
your travels Beatrice!!