Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is my Mirabilia far.
I chose to have people do any little part of any Mira chart they chose...a wing here and a strip of a dress there and voila ...this is how it is looking.
I'm so pleased with it. It's on it's way to another stitcher soon.
 I just wanted to post a picture of it.

This is defiantly starting to look like a snow globe. All of the blue has blending filament and sparkles quite prettily.

HAED Ice Dragon King...Page 3 is well on it's way.
Do you see a tower????

This weekend I'm concentrating on the Mandala. I've started to add the TB fibers...oooo bling.

Well as you know the commentor is very choosey...
I'm doing my best to keep up with all of the reading.

Enjoy your weekend.
Stitch with happy fingers.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty colours

I've been hooked on this stocking and decided to put in 3 days of stitching and I definitely see some results!
This is coming along so nicely.

Today the mailman brought me the threads that Kathy picked up for me.
Thanks you my BFF...this enables me to do more in the middle of the Desert Mandala

So tonight that is my goal to add some pretty bling to my DM...oooo Ican't wait.

I love working on this, so ...adding some bling will make it even prettier.
As per usual I'm keeping an eye on the blogs every now and again it lets me comment so It's kind of fun to see who is next on the comment list LOL!

Stitch with happy fingers.
See you soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lots of stitches

This new blogger is a bit different but it seems to be working.
I'll keep this short but sweet. I have lots of stitching going on.

The stocking you see here is the one I'm going to do for next Christmas.... I started it this week just because....I love starts!! LOL..
Christin gave me this kit  in the fall and it's the first stocking that I've ever done. I love this one.

China blue has had some attention too... This is such a pretty piece..better then half way finished!

Last but not least the Desert Mandala...This is so exciting...I'm going to stitch some more on this on the weekend...I'm hoping to do 3 days. then I'll see some results!

Now here we go again...I still can't comment but, please know I'm watching what is going on. I'll keep trying!!
Yikes this really sucks.

For now bear with me and stitch with happy fingers!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I did it !

Well, well, It worked ....I update blogger and here it is. Thanks Christin!!!

As you can see theses are little stitches but  I love doing them.
this is page 3 started on the HAED Ice Dragon King!!
Now I will go and see if I can comment too.

Oh maybe I'll have to do that tomorrow it's getting kind of late now.
 I've been playing with this for awhile.

Good night everyone!
Stitch with happy fingers!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blogger Problems again

It seems this is a regular thing.
I can't comment and I can't add photo's.
I'll keep trying ...
in the mean time I'm getting your comments and reading blogs, that seems to work.
Any suggestions ????
Stitch with happy fingers.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A new start for 2010

First of all Thank you for all of the wonderful comments on the Mirabilia finish..I am very pleased to hear from my stitching friends.

As I was saying I have a new large project, It is the Desert Mandela by Chatelaine!
I did start it in the fall and then chose to wait until the new year so most of this was done over the last few days..I had maybe 200 stitches in it.
If you want to see more of what it will look like click here.
The colours are stunning.
I have chosen to stitch it with the DMC instead if the silks...Martina has provided a conversion for the silk threads so I thought I'd try it.
I did buy the Braid,the Marlitt and the BEAD pack.
I intend to work on this on the weekends. maybe 3 days at a time.

Monday is my HAED day ..yippee that's today. I haven't stitched on it in about 3 weeks so I'm looking forward to that this evening!
Have a great day and of course,
Stitch with happy fingers!!