Friday, January 8, 2010

I did it !

Well, well, It worked ....I update blogger and here it is. Thanks Christin!!!

As you can see theses are little stitches but  I love doing them.
this is page 3 started on the HAED Ice Dragon King!!
Now I will go and see if I can comment too.

Oh maybe I'll have to do that tomorrow it's getting kind of late now.
 I've been playing with this for awhile.

Good night everyone!
Stitch with happy fingers!


Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Good Progress on your Project...Keep it up....

Take care & Happy Stitching

Kathy A. said...

Glad Christin helped you figure it out again. Hopefully that is the end of your problems.

Carolien said...

Hello Beatrice,

I am glad the problem is solved now. Good luck with your stitches on HAED, it looks good!

Groetjes uit Holland, Carolien

Becky K in OK said...

Glad your problem is solved. I like your new blog format. You are a courageous woman to stitch a HAED>

Ranae said...

The HAED is looking great

Bonnie Brown said...

Your HAED is looking really good. Love the colours!

Suzanne said...

Great progress on your HAED!

Kim B said...

Wow it really looks great Beatrice! Glad you got it figured out to post for all of us to feast our eyes upon :)

Nancy said...

I am so happy you are now my farmville neighbor too. Thanks.
Your stitching is coming along so nicely. I haven't picked up my warrior at all. I have sleeves to finish on a sweater before I get back to it.

Terri said...

Looks fantastic. Love your blog look too it's really cheery

Bette said...

Your HAED is looking good. Some day when all my other stitching obligations are met, I'm going to do one of those.

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Glad you got things sorted out...your HAED is looking wonderful, can't wait to see it in person!

barb said...

Greetings from Myrtle Beach. Love the finished Mira she is spectacular!. I am also on page 3 of my HAED. Missing all my stitching friends.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Beatrice,

Your White Christmas finish is
just spectacular!! Congratulations
on finishing her before the end of
2009. I love how the Swarovski
Crystals look in the window. It
must look even more beautiful in
real life.

The Desert Mandela looks like it's
going to be both challenging and
an intense stitch. But you have
made great progress with it so
far. It'll be fun watching your
progress on your version of this
design and Kathy's progress on

Your HAED is really beginning to
look interesting now and the
colors are quite lovely. I don't
know how some of the gals can
stitch on HAED's that are dark,
dark, dark. The colors that
you're using are pretty, fun

Thank you for your kind words
in your comment on my blog about
my weight loss. I'm sort of in
a pickle with maintenance at the
moment since I can't seem to stop
loosing and I'm suppose to stay
within two pounds of my goal
weight. Since going on maintenance
I've lost about six more pounds.
I'm up to 29 points a day to try
and stop going any further. Crazy